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International Baccalaureate: History

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  1. To what extent were the social changes in Germany between 1865 and 1890 the result of Bismarcks deliberate policies?

    On the other hand Bismarck never went on a conquering rampage. He gave Prussia the opportunity to unite by pushing Austria and weakening France. Table of Contents 1. Abstract??????????????????????.....................????. 1 2. Table of Contents............................................................................................................... 2 3. Introduction??????????????????????????????3 4. Background????????????????????????????.. ..... 3 5. Argumentation a. Gaining the loyalty of all Germans ..???????????????..?.......... 6 b. Foundations of national determination?.????????????????.... 9 c. Eliminatory trouble-makers??????.??????????????....... 10 1. Long-term consequences of Bismarck's policies................??????????.?11 2. Alternative solutions???????????.????????????...?... 13 3. Conclusion???????????????????????????..??.15 4. Bibliography?????????????????????????????15 ________________ Introduction Bismarck?s presence looms strong over the diplomatic history of nineteenth-century Europe. The way he saw the unification was through war.

    • Word count: 4460
  2. I generally disagree that "the Six Day War shocked the Middle East and the world."

    While the conflict was perceived as expected and inevitable in the Middle East, the Western powers were less prepared for organized conflict in the region. Concerned with domestic issues, such as the construction of the Berlin Wall, the Vietnam War, and the rapid cultural schism of the United States, the forceful eruption of violence in 1967 surprised the world outside of the Middle East. But for those in the Middle East, the Six Day War was a long time coming.

    • Word count: 1454
  3. Analyse the reason for, and the nature of, opposition to tsardom in Russia between 1855 and 1894.

    First of all, the nationalities: an example is the Polish revolt of 1863. There was a Polish desire for reforming the land and re-establishing a Polish nation. This led to protests and demonstrations, killing 200 thousand people. The Poles' planned conscription into the Russian army, led to a rebellion in February 1863, which lasted over a year in the countryside until it finally was put down by granting a land reform. This clearly showed that the people who weren't Russian blooded didn't accept nationalist aspirations within the Russian Empire. This then contributed to the use of Russification policies in the future.

    • Word count: 1459
  4. Compare and contrast the causes and nature of the February and October revolutions in Russia in 1917.

    One main factor of the February Revolution was the First World War which began in 1914. This caused a breakdown socially and also reduced faith in the government; leading to an economic crisis. Tension among the Russian people was rising and on February 25th it exploded into riots which were not contained. It had been a continuous battle for the people; they were unemployed, starving and freezing, the prices also rose. Strikes and public protests were happening in the country with increasing frequency. The Russian people and soldiers were turning against the Tsar, whose decision to take control of the army, was a crucial error as he was personally blamed for the enormous defeats suffered by the army.

    • Word count: 1393
  5. Compare and contrast the results of WW1 and WW2

    This was more severe after WW1, making you assume that probably the leaders of the countries did learn something from their past. The most significant inflation in WW1 was that of Germany, especially during the period of the depression. This country and her allies also lost both wars, however the post-war treatments were different. In WW1, Germany had received a very harsh treaty with some demands being out of ordinary (for example, the 6 billion pounds of reparation cost, something the country couldn't have paid because it was totally destroyed, socially and economically).

    • Word count: 734
  6. Extended Essay - The Role of a UN-Secretary General to Achieve World Peace: The Endeavor of U Thant in Handling the Cuban Missile Crisis

    It can also be learnt from this historical event that a peaceful, impartial solution to the crisis is better than a confrontation by warfare. Therefore, the third Secretary-General?s involvement in settling the Cuban missile crisis as a neutral mediator for peace negotiations is of vital significance. Contents Page 1. Abstract????????????????????????..2 1. Introduction??????????????????????....4 1. Direct Confrontation of US and USSR negotiated by U Thant for Peace in the Cuban Missile Crisis 1. The Threat of a Nuclear War????????????.5 1. First Phase: The Naval Quarantine ???...........................6 1.

    • Word count: 6177
  7. Describe the Spread of Christianity in the Middle East

    Disagreements on the worship of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary formed the premise of the conflict. As a result, sects such as the Church of the East, Oriental Orthodox Church, and Eastern Orthodox Church were established. As a result of the rise of Islam and the Arab-Muslim Conquest of the Middle East and North Africa in the 7th century, Christianity slowly declined in these regions, and by the 10th century, Christians made up only 10% of the population of the Islamic Empire.

    • Word count: 496
  8. Ancient Greece revision notes

    All centers except Athens fell Dark Ages (1100 to 800 BCE) * It was a time when Dorians arrived from the north, dispersing the Greek-speaking people all around the Aegean sea * All achievements from Mycenaean civilization in construction, art, monument building and writing were lost or forgotten * Invaders wiped out farming communities, causing famine, and Greek population declined Early classical period (800 BCE to 480 BCE) * Rise of first Greek colony (750 BCE) in the Bay of Naples, and Syracuse is greatest colony Age of Persian wars (550 to 480 BCE)

    • Word count: 2566
  9. Assess the methods and conditions which enabled Hitler to rise to power.

    The German economic difficulties were important to Hitler's rise to power as they enhanced the population?s desire to change to a strong leader that would lead them out of the crisis. The Treaty of Versailles, signed in 1919, was a major shock to the Germans. The terms included 6.6 billion pounds of reparations, which strangled the German economy and led to hyperinflation and the Ruhr Crisis, which indirectly led to huge consequences for the Nazi Party, negatively affecting the middle class in particular.

    • Word count: 1524
  10. To what extent did the Munich Conference contribute to the outbreak of World War 2?

    Hitler?s demand: In 1930s, the Nazis was the dominate power of the world. Its military power was the greatest and therefore scared the Allies, especially Great Britain who was not prepared for a war. Hitler demanded to take over the part of Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia in order to unite all German speaking people: ?In the north, in Sudetenland lived 3 million German-speaking people? (Bartlett 40). By doing this, Hitler hoped to achieve ?Volksdeutsche- unite all German speaking people in one country to make a greater Germany? (Bankier).

    • Word count: 2193
  11. Mao and China Revision Guide

    1923: Joined Guomindang (GMD) 1924-7: Involved in planning CCP-GMD alliance against the warlords 1927-34: Created the Jiangxi Soviet - Mao worked here to establish the Jiangxi Soviet, dedicated to achieve a peasant revolution. When other communists came to join the Jiangxi Soviet, Mao lost his leadership to the people who mere more experienced that he was who just assumed power. 1930: Suppressed a mutiny in the Red Army at Futian 1934-5: Led the Long March to Yanan - Was a journey to Yanan, took over a year to complete, the CCP lost most of its men.

    • Word count: 6065
  12. Discuss the Depiction of the Philippines and Jose Rizal in the film "Bayaning Third World".

    I am not particularly fond of mangoes. Does that make me less of a Filipino? We are often given these idealized versions of our heroes that we end up making up inconsistent bastardized accounts of the past. This sensationalism of the characters was alluded to in the film. When Ricky Davao interviews Donya Lolay and explains this to Cris Villanueva, Cris argues that Ricky?s portrait of Donya Lolay wasn?t accurate. Ricky then replies that his version would be a better fit for and adds more elements to the story. This shows how storytellers, historians, and media would sometimes give more importance to making a good story than uncovering what really happened.

    • Word count: 838
  13. IB History HL, Extended Notes: Russia, the Tsars, the Provisional Govenment and the Revolution.

    Various groups expressed concern about the welfare of peasants under serfdom. 2. 1842 Nicholas I ?serfdom in its present situation is an evil?it cannot last forever?only answer is to prepare the way for the gradual transition to a different order.? 3. Slavophile Landowner A.I. Koshelyov said that it was morally wrong for a landowner to own other human being like possessions and that is demoralized the owner. 4. Steton-Watson ?Necessary for the welfare of our class itself more than the serfs.? Crimean War 1.

    • Word count: 20348
  14. IB, Paper 1: USSR under Stalin, 1924-1941. Analysis of sources.

    Source C also says that ?the Trotskyites and the right opportunists were politically isolated?. Source A and C both agree that Stalin went against those who opposed Lenin. Source A supports this view as it says that ?the party had undertaken the 'Lenin Enrolment' ?, and source D also says that the Party went against those who followed the ?anti-Leninist theses?. As I mentioned before Stalin had the power to out-vote his oppositions but, source C does not talk about Stalin's ability to use the support of the Party; where in source A it does.

    • Word count: 1291
  15. WW1 and Canada. Vimy Ridge essay

    Vimy Ridge was a very dominating feature of the landscape. It was the prime position to spot enemy positions to the west and provided extra defensive capabilities on the slope. Several attempts were made to capture this important strong point, but it was the Canadians that finally managed to do it. The Canadian commanders learned well from their past experiences, and they used their knowledge and intelligence to devise an innovative battle plan, and it was executed to near-perfection.

    • Word count: 589
  16. History IA: What were American peoples responses to the Vietnam War in 1965 1971?

    This will help emphasize the importance of public opinion to government. ________________ B. Summary of Evidence: Attitude of social classes a) Student A student movement energized by the campaign for free speech at Berkeley, led by s new national left-liberal organization, the Students for Democratic Society (SDS)[1]. In 17th April 1965, a demonstration against the war was held in Washington DC by SDS with attendance of 25000 people[2]. In 1966, the Student non-violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) declared to support ?the men in this country who are unwilling to respond to a military draft which would compel them to contribute their lives to United States aggression in Vietnam in the name of the "freedom" we find so false in this country?[3].

    • Word count: 2569
  17. To what extent did militarism contribute to the origins of the First World War (19141918)?

    Fritz Fischer who is a German historian with a reputation for analyzing the causes of the World War, has a thesis in which he depicts the aggressiveness of Germany?s government. He attributes the aggression of Germany under the reign of Wilhelm II to the government?s motivation to re-establish its support among Germans. From 1912, since the meeting of the German Council of War, they wanted to go to war as soon as possible. The Kruger telegram was another factor that greatly increased the tension between Britain and Germany.

    • Word count: 1736
  18. The Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World - A.W.

    The Great Pyramid, or Pyramid of Khufu, rests on the Giza Plateau just outside Cairo, Egypt, in a complex called the Giza Necropolis. Included within the necropolis are the Pyramid of Khafre (Chephran) and the Pyramid of Menkaura (Mykerinus), as well as the lesser pyramids of queens. Watching over all, is the Great Sphinx, the head of which some current-day Egyptologists believe to be a representation of the pharaoh Khufu; others claim the likeness is of his son, Khafre. One of the smaller pyramids contains the tomb of Khufu?s mother Hetepheres, who was both a sister to and a wife of Khufu?s father, Sneferu.

    • Word count: 2280
  19. Aboriginal Human Rights and Canadian History

    Aboriginal people have a long and proud history that includes rich cultural and spiritual traditions. Many of these traditions, have been altered or taken away upon the arrival of European settlers. The forced introduction of European culture and values to Aboriginal societies, the dispossession of Aboriginal lands, and the imposition of alien modes of governance began a cycle of social, physical and spiritual destruction. The effects of Colonization have altered the lifestyle of many Aboriginal peoples of Canada. Colonialism is a relationship between two peoples, in which one group takes over the lands of another, imposing on those peoples its own cultural traditions, including its language, religion, and governance (Reed, 64).

    • Word count: 2466
  20. A look at the Differing Views of Jimmy Hoffa by the Government, the Public, and Teamster union members

    With the increase in influence of ?big business,? came an increase in the influence and power of labor unions. In 1914, the Clayton Act was passed which exempted labor organizations from antitrust laws and placed restrictions on stopping strikes and picketing. While the act would seem to have brought a significant increase in the power of labor unions, it was not until after the Great Depression that unions would reach their peak of power and influence. The effects of the Great Depression along with passage of the National Labor Relations Act of 1933 would strengthen labor unions and help them achieve their goals.

    • Word count: 4880
  21. WW2 notes on the causes and the involvement of Canada.

    Manchurian Crisis Background: Japan wanted Manchuria (Chinese territory) so they could get to Mongolia (Russian territory) Crisis: Japan invaded on September 1931. They claimed it to be because China attacked their South Manchurian road. China needed help from the League of Nations. Resolution: League of Nations condemned Japan and ordered them to stop. Japan responded by leaving the LON. Little effort was made because no one stopped trading with Japan. Consequences: League realized they had no real power over the nations. It also showed Italy that the League wasn't willing to intervene. Riddell's Proposal Canada's rep.

    • Word count: 1878
  22. Hittites : The Warrior Peoples

    raided deep into the Old Babylonian Empire, captured Aleppo, and set the kingdom's southern boundary in Syria. This proved to be the extent of the Hittite conquest under Mursili, as they spent the next two centuries quelling internal disturbances and fighting the Mitanni of upper Mesopotamia. The kingdom returned CO some stability around 1500 BCE under the leadership of Telipinu, who laid down strict succession guidelines and possibly established a code of law. Some 50 years later, the New Hittite Kingdom was established. The Hittites had just suffered a defeat at the hands of the Egyptian pharaoh, Thutmosis and had begun paying the Egyptians trib-ute.

    • Word count: 961

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