Analyze the methods used and the circumstances which assisted in Hitlers rise to power

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Analyze the methods used and the circumstances which assisted in Hitler’s rise to power

The Germans had undergone a very brutal outrageous cruel war which ended on November 20 1918. The war trigged economic crisis, such as the Wall street crash of October 1929, and it also led to disagreements in the Treaty of Versailles which led Germany to pay for most of the damages from the war. The damages the leaders, who were in charge of Germany in this period left a lot of German citizens stranded on the streets, being homeless, jobless and hungry. The Germans were devastated in what was happening. They felt the leaders, had no control and they felt the leaders were not listening to their thoughts, views and opinions.  They were in need of a powerful leader who can stop the many crisis’s and develop the nations so that Germany, can become a powerful nation again. In 1922, a young man called Adolf Hitler, whom led the NSDAP also known as the Nazi party engaged in the electoral battles. His battle was a success. He used many successful tactful ways to come to power. In this paper we will analyze the methods used, and the circumstances which assisted in Hitler’s rise to power.

Hitler was a brilliant speaker and a good organizer and politician. He was a driven, unstable man, who believed he had been called by God to become dicator of Germany and rule the world.  Most Germans might have given up on Germany’s future, on the other hand, Hitler’s determination, pride and self-belief persuaded people to believe in him. (Adolf Hitler-Why did the Weimar republic survive the crises of 1919- 1923- humanities worksheets)

Hitler used his ability and General skills as a method to rise to power because he knew that the German citizens were weak, and feared of what was going to happen to them in the future. He knew that the Germans could no longer bare the suffering that they had to face every day. He needed to be committed and focused when he addressed them. He had find ways to catch their attention so that he can rise to power. As a result the German’s drawn to his charisma, his remarkable willpower, tremendous energy and his, determination. The Germans knew that Hitler would be able to control and develop Germany so that it can go back to its normal state, and position in Europe.

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The Treaty of Versailles, which was a peace settlement in which the Germans had no choice and were forced to sign after WW1, was an important reason why the Nazis came to power. The Germans were very angry over the Treaty of Versailles terms and conditions. Moreover, they were bitter towards the new Weimar government who signed the Treaty. This made them very unpopular and there was a lot of negative views against the government.  Hitler knew this was an advantage for him to come to power. With his ability of persuasion he appealed and promised that the Nazis could ...

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