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Evaluate the successes and failures of one ruler of a single party state: Hitler's Germany

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Evaluate the successes and failures of one ruler of a single party state. SINGLE PARTY STATE: Hitler's Germany ESSAY A decision must be made whether we are assessing from the German publics point of view, the opinion of Britain at the time or from the point of view of Hitler. This essay will argue Hitler's point of view. Through assessing Hitler's aims the essay will argue that he was mostly successful in establishing and ruling a single party state yet he failed on maintaining the dictatorship. Hitler was successful in making the population in awe of him and maintaining control over the people, yet he had some significant failures in his economic policies and in his key expansion policy, "lebensraum." Hitler's ideology appealed to the traditional, conservative values of the German people. He believed that the 'Aryan race' was superior to all others and that the Volk community was everything whilst the individual was nothing. Hitler believed that everyone's purpose was to contribute to the greater good of the German 'Volksgemeinschaft'. This ideology was successful because he made people feel as if they were part of a community and moving towards a great future. ...read more.


By Hitler's criteria these figures show a success, even though it could be argued that the disillusionment of teachers to the regime suggests otherwise. Hitler's policy towards women was that of "Kinder, Kirche und Kuchen", meaning children, church and kitchen. His aim for women was to restrict female employment so to solve unemployment in general. He also wanted to make sure that Germany was well populated to correspond with his desire for 'lebensraum.' He did this through a series of propaganda techniques. Married women were excluded from civil service and other professions and only a restricted number were allowed to go to university. Women who left work to marry an Aryan were given a loan which fell by 25% after each child. Hitler was a success because the birth rate did increase to connect with his expansion aims. The n**i's gave medals for mothers depending on how many children that they had. A gold medal was given to mothers with more than 8 children. Overall Hitler was a success in regard to his aims towards women but failed at the start of the war when he once more had to start to employ women. ...read more.


Historians debate on Hitler's foreign policy aims. Historian AJP Taylor argues that he had no precise goal other than wanting to expand, his policy of "lebensraum". His main aim was winning this lebensraum but he also wanted to revise the Treaty of Versailles's (ToV) point in taking away Germany's land. He also wanted to achieve the Anschluss with Austria. Hitler was successful in achieving the Anschluss and in revising the ToV yet he didn't succeed in his aim of "lebensraum". Whilst having seized Czechoslovakia and Poland (by the beginning of the war), he did not win the war, and therefore failed on his major over aim. When discussing the successes and failures of Hitler from his point of view it can be said that he was extremely successful in establishing and ruling a single party state yet he failed on maintaining that dictatorship and achieving his major goal of "lebensraum". Hitler did not succeed during the Second World War at all but we can see this with the benefit of hindsight. Hitler was very successful in creating the "F�hrer myth" and in controlling the people but he was not hugely successful in his economic policies or foreign ones. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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