Without doubt, Germany was the sole aggressor responsible for the outbreak of WW1, namely with her emphasis on the aggressive foreign policy Weltpolitik and what ensued. Under Kaiser Wilhelm II's reign, militarism and power politics were greatly stressed, and as the result, the foreign policy Weltpolitik was issued to make Germany a large, strong, and unbeatable empire in every possible way. It was THIS policy that resulted in conflict between Germany and foreign nations, and significantly responsible for a series of crises in the lead up to WW1.

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The policy sought Germany's place in the sun commensurate with its rising industrial strength, primarily by the creation of a colonial empire to rival those of other powers. With German nationalism and social Darwinism influencing Weltpolitik, it became inevitable that Germany would strive to no end to expand, even if it meant war, in accordance with the survival of the fittest. If Germany did not strive to expand, it would itself be weakened or destroyed, and so, Germany NEEDED this war to prove herself as a world power and gain respect. As such, Germany concentrated on gaining overseas colonies ...

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