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Law and Order in the Medieval Period Assigment - Year 8

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SOSE Medieval Assignment Part 1 Task When Notes Status Research Questions Plan Report Check List Focus Questions Create Topic for Body Paragraphs Research Topic Write Draft Paragraphs Bibliography Do by Saturday 29th June Get someone to proof read your work ? Completed Part 2 Task When Notes Status Create essay Wednesday 3rd July Report 1000 words Cover Page Introduction Body Paragraphs Conclusion Bibliography Sub headings NO DOT POINTS ? Completed Focus Questions 1. How has the medieval punishments influenced the modern punishments system? 2. How has the modern criminal evolved from the medieval times? 3. Why did they change from the medieval justice system to the modern justice system? 4. Since the police force has been in place have crime rates dropped or increased? 5. Why did Saxon invent the Saxon Laws? Glossary Magnacarta ? Document that King John had to sign that limited his power of king Gallows ? wooden device where people were hung Treason ? The act of betraying your country or your king Trial by ordeal Saxons Laws Feudal System Recompense Hierarchy Tithe- Tax given to the church which amounted to about 10% of what they grew or earned Innocent until proven guilty Part 1 Questions 1. Explain how the feudal system worked? In most of medieval Europe, society was depended on the "feudal" system, which was based on a grant of land which was returned with service for the army. ...read more.


He also changed his name to Rollo and became the first Duke of Normandy. The Normans had great interest in England. Emma the sister of Richard the 2nd married Ethelred who then became the king of England in 1042. During his reign the Normans became involved with the English politics. 7. What was the significance of the Doomsday Survey? The doomsday survey is one of medieval England?s greatest treasures. The doomsday book was an enormous survey carried out in 1085-1086. The survey was carried out in England by the William the 1st the king (the conqueror) it was completed in 1086. The survey is like the census carried out today. The main purpose of the survey was to keep a record of the land, property and people in the country so they could raise the taxes. This also gives modern historians a sense of how old the towns and villages were and where they were positioned. To further gather information William ordered a book to be created on who owned the land throughout the country and who owned the king taxes. 8. Briefly describe the role of King Henry II?s travelling judges, Explain the significance of the justice system. King Henry II was born in Le Mans, France on the 5th of March 1133. ...read more.


The criminal can hire a lawyer to defend their case and try to find him innocent of any crime. Body 4 The medieval punishments and consequences were a lot harsher than the modern system. These severe punishments acted in the place of a prison. This element worked in the sense that the punishment would hurt or kill the criminal so badly that they wouldn?t commit any further crimes. One of these punishments is the trial by hot poker. This trial is started with the criminal walking 5 paces with the scolding poker on there hand. This would create a severe burn mark. The criminal?s hand would be bandaged up and the criminal would be required to return to the court and if the hand hasn?t shown any healing progress they would be found innocent. If it became e infected the criminal would be found guilty. They believed that god would make the decision on whether they were guilty or not. In the modern punishment system when I crime is committed the criminal is expected to attend the court hearing. If the crime is severe the suspect will be given a time in prison. This is to let them reflect on their wrongdoing. In conclusion the modern justice system has been shaped from the medieval system to a medium extent. The modern system has used the court judge system. The community involvement reflects on the medieval times. Therefore a citizen can inform the authority of a crime and further investigation will be done. ...read more.

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