The French Revolution was directed by the middle class. How valid is this comment on the French Revolution?

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The French Revolution was directed by the middle class. How valid is this comment on the French Revolution?

Topic:        French Revolution

Area of Study:        French Revolution is directed by the middle class

     Evaluation:        How valid?


        The French Revolution happened in 1789 was a great event that give impact to the modern society. When studying the roots and causes of the revolution, it was said that the revolution was directed by the middle class. This statement is controversial as there are many different kinds of view by the historian. Although there are many views but it can be categorize into two groups. First the revolution was directed by the middle class and second the revolution was directed by the commoners of France.


        Some historian strongly support that the French Revolution was directed by the middle class. They based on the evidence that this people of the middle class are educated. They are able to understand the condition and the development of the nation. Therefore they can contribute in idea in politic and this made them the natural leader as the middles class is the majority in the society. They started to question, challenging the government, the ancient regime on rational because of the unequal and unfairness. First challenge to the long established ancient regime was from the middle class. The natural leader of the middle class felt they were discriminated as they are not given administrative work. They cannot participate in the running of the government although they have the ideas and visions. The middles also sense the backwards of the government and also the corruption of the government. They feel that the government was no longer serving their interest and guaranteeing them. Therefore such government is not appreciated by the educated class or the middle class. The educated class also gets influenced by the scholar of the 16th century on many accounts of good government. They desire a new government, a good government. An opportunity emerges on the 18th century when the government of Louis XVI bankrupt. The monarchy government call of the estates general and the educated class uses this opportunity to take challenge to the king. This sparks the flame of revolution. The middle class are the dominant class in Paris. They become the natural leader of the Parisian. The middle class is the class that forms of the National Assembly. They bring up the August Decree, the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen and it was them who drew up the constitution. They introduce modern administration to France. It was them who abolish the feudalism and fix up the economic. They also established the Legislative Assembly on 1 October 1791. It is the middle class who sparks the changes of France, it was them who brought about the modern France. Therefore it is not wrong to say it was the middle class directed the revolution in France and brought about a modern society. In this aspect, the role of the middle class cannot be minimize or overlook. The middle class certainly brought about the French Revolution that affects Europe.

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        Other historians do not share this view. They said French Revolution could have been sparked by the middle class but it was wrong to say them was responsible for the revolution. This historian said that the revolution was brought by the people of France. This commoner suffer from unfair and discrimination from the government. It is proven that the people of France in general have been suffering for centuries. In 1788, when the king, Louis XVI decided to open the estates general, this people decide to speak up their problems in this occasion. People wanted a ...

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