Why did the Allies win the Battle of the Atlantic?

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Why did the Allies win the Battle of the Atlantic?

        In the early stages of the Battle of the Atlantic, the German U boats were very effective and sank about 3,000 British ships. This was effective because the Allies had no reliable methods for beating the U-boats until 1941. The Allies learned a lot from the previous years of fighting and so they improved their intelligence, weapons, tactics, aircrafts, radios, and shipbuilding. They also had able-bodied men that would not give up. These improvements helped the Allies win the Battle of the Atlantic by making the U-boat threat their top priority.

        So in order to beat the U-boats, the intelligence was improved. The British code breakers at Bletchley Park became better at decoding the German codes. This allowed them to figure out the location of the U-boats so transferring conveys became easier. They would guide conveys away from the U-boat wolf packs and so there would be no interference. This helped the Allies import materials they could not before and these imports helped the civilians and the navies.  

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        Another reason for why the allies won the battle of the Atlanic was because they got new weapons. They made the Torpex which was a powerful explosive and was used in anti-submarine weapons. Another development was the Hedgehog depth charge, which fired clusters of bombs over a wide area. These new developments helped win the battle because they destroyed many of the enemy’s ships. Before, the new weapons were developed the Allies lost more ships than they could destroy and these developments did the opposite.

        The Allies also improved the naval tactics and aircrafts which helped them win the ...

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