Why was the Weimar republic so short lived?

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        Since it’s very beginning, the Weimar republic had suffered much opposition caused by a number of different reason which went against the general thoughts: it accepted the humiliating and unpopular Treaty of Versailles, the general thought of the “stab in the back” caused people to dishonor democratic governments, the parliamentary system introduced by the Weimar Republic had serious weaknesses, the political parties had no experience on operating a democratic parliament. Furthermore, the time period chosen to give birth to such Republic was not the best, as the Treaty of Versailles, together with the Depression caused people to develop extremist ideologies refusing to support the democratic Weimar Republic. Also, the rise of single- party rulers like Hitler motivated people to go against a democratic government which accepted the limitations and punishments, causing germans to rage against their nation and, as I said, develop either extreme right or extreme left ideologies.

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        After WWI Germany was judged responsible for the damages and deaths caused by the war, the Treaty of Versailles was created to decide how to act in respect of the above statement. The Allies chose to make Germany pay for reparations and limit it’s army in order to prevent a future outbreak of war. As the Weimar Republic accepted such diminishing terms of the treaty, people always associated the Republic with defeat and dishonor. The rise of nationalists like Adolf Hitler enforced this association even more as the speeches he presented to a quickly increasing amount of people convinced ...

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