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International Baccalaureate: Languages

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  1. Peer reviewed

    Lettre au directeur. Objet: Objection la dcision de faire des cours soir supplmentaires obligatoires pour des lves de dernire anne.

    3 star(s)

    Nous trouvons cela inadmissible et contre les lois d'�l�ve. Tout d'abord, la majorit� des �l�ves de III BI se sentent d�j� suffisamment charg�s d'exceptionnellement haute nombre des le�ons que nous avons chaque semaine.

    • Word count: 379
  2. Nice excursion. One of the most exciting trips this year is the Nice visit for the 9th graders.

    On the first day of the stay in Nice, students will get a first taste of the city and it's surrounding. After the introduction at the school and the course, as a whole group they will walk from the port to the castle hill and there they'll play football, visit a cemetery, go to the old town (has great ice-cream) and will go to the market places where they will have the chance to spend their money for the first time.

    • Word count: 596
  3. Italian Summary on Basics. Saluti e espressioni di cortesia - Greetings and courteous expressions

    Ciao! Hi/Bye Salve! Hello (more formal than Ciao) (mainly used in Rome) A presto! See you soon! A dopo! See you later! A pi� tardi See you later A domani! See you tomorrow A fra poco See you in a little while Come si chiama? (formal sing.) What is your name? Come ti chiami? (familiar sing.) " " " Mi chiamo Giordano My name is Jordan Ti presento ... (familiar sing.) Let me introduce ... to you Vi presento ... (familiar pl) " " " " Di dove sei tu? (familiar sing.) Where are you from? Di dov'� Lei?

    • Word count: 851
  4. Doktor Glas- Hjalmar Sderberg

    Under sitt bes�k hos doktor Glas avsl�jar Helga �ven att hon �r otrogen mot sin betydligt �ldre make. Urs�kten om att Helga b�r avst� fr�n all sexuell kontakt h�ller ett tag men tillslut b�rjar pastorn f�rgripa sig p� sin fru igen. D� doktor Glas drar till med en drastisk l�sning, han intalar sin patient, som har problem med sitt hj�rta, att hans hj�rta har f�rs�mrat radikalt och att det b�sta vore att pastorn skulle f� lite lugn och ro vilket han f�r om han reser bort ifr�n staden i n�gra veckor.

    • Word count: 877
  5. Hallo Szymon, wie geht es dir? Danke schn fr deinen letzten Brief. Wie versprochen, schreibe ich dir endlich mal wieder.

    Hoffentlich bist du nicht b�se auf mich. Ich habe geh�rt, dass du in letzter Zeit ziemlich gestresst bist. Vielleicht die Geschichte aus dem letzten Schuljahr wird deine Stimmung verbessern. Erinnerst du dich Heiligabend in letztem Jahr? Es schneite den ganzen Tag.

    • Word count: 245
  6. As an audience, we analyze texts in great detail and we compare text with other forms of text. The blog by Jennifer Romolimi and the graphic novel Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi have a strong connection with each other, and yet they both have their own uni

    Romolimi has used a blog as the form to convey to readers her personal opinions towards the subject of the TV show 'America's Next Top Model'. A blog is a modern way to write your own public diary. With technology, people can write and publish their text freely online for others to view. In Romolimi's blog, she has used modern language to persuade how the ATNM has degraded women's rights. As a blog, people can express themselves freely without the need to write properly.

    • Word count: 640
  7. Arbeid med Hedda Gabler. Dette er et par oppgaver vi har arbeidet med p IB fram mot individual oral.

    Brak: Vil utnytte Hedda seksuelt. Boken er skrevet i 1890, og er en typisk realistisk bok. De setter pek p� samfunnsproblemer. Vi g�r innblikk i ekteskapsproblemer og dette er en psykologisk bok. 2. Hvordan er indre og ytre Hedda: Hedda - Hedda og Tesmann er paralelle mot hverandre. Hedda er en kontrast til Fr�ken Tesmann. Tesmann er ei jente som ikke liker � ta v�re p� folk, mens Hedda er ei jente som liker mer seg selv- Det er ei maktkamp mellom disse to kvinneskikkelsene.

    • Word count: 448
  8. Dutch. In De Aanslag door Harry Mulisch worden talrijke contrasten gelegd tussen veel voorkomende motieven.

    Het passage begint al meteen met het beschrijven van licht, alhoewel het de opvatting is van Truus Coster. Zij gelooft dat licht, 'het soort licht, dat je vlak na zonsondergang soms tegen de bomen ziet hangen' toverachtige is en dus heel speciaal. Zij vindt dit zo mooi dat ze er zelfs een gedicht over wou schrijven, een vergelijking tussen licht en liefde. Dat toverachtige licht is volgens haar 'het licht, dat in iemand zit die van iemand anders houdt'. 'De haat is de duisternis, dat is niet goed' en hoewel zij sterk gelooft dat de tegenstanders van de fascisten goed zijn, zegt ze ook dat ze 'de fascisten moeten haten'.

    • Word count: 657
  9. Written task: Countries should try preserve their threatened languages.

    Minority languages are a part of a countries history and culture. Languages used in a particular country are a type of cultural heritage to that country. They have played a part in shaping the country to its existing state. Some may say that it is too much of an effort and that it consumes a lot of government money. However, governments already preserve culture and history by investing in museums and preserving objects with historical value, such as for e.g. old buildings. Therefore, since minority languages are a piece of a countries culture and history, why not take measures to saving it.

    • Word count: 974
  10. Point of View in Lord of the Flies. Shifting point of view can affect the text in many ways, including making the story more clear, or making it harder to understand.

    "Got any water?", Jack was asking. "I said have you got any water? I'm thirsty", he asked again. I was slightly startled at his appearance, and replied, "Oh hullo. Water? There by the tree. Ought to be some left". Jack picked up a coconut shell that contained water, and began drinking. He breathed noisily after finishing, and said, "I needed that". Simon then spoke to me from inside the shelter. "Up a bit". I turned my attention back to the shelter and lifted a branch with a whole tiling of leaves. This accidentally caused the leaves to come apart and fall to the ground.

    • Word count: 611
  11. What do I think are the advantages and disadvantages of arranged marriages?

    First, parents and relatives would match two people with the similar family backgrounds, financial abilities, education, culture, language and upbringing, eliminating disparities in tangible factors. Some of this information could be awkward to ask if the marital couple were in love. However in arranged marriages, parents would make sure that every piece of information about the partner would be dug up and examined. For example in traditional Chinese marriages, a professional matchmaker would be employed. Like a private investigator, she would find out about the birth date, horoscope, education and gossips about the partner.

    • Word count: 808
  12. Campaign speech. Why should we leave Iraq? Thats the question so many Americans have been asking since the war started. I have the answer.

    Thus closing an investigation into the supposed programs of Saddam Hussein that were used to justify the invasion ("CIA"). The Iraq Survey Group also determined that Iraq had abandoned its quest to develop nuclear and biological weapons and that it has already destroyed all of its existing weapons. This long, drawn out war has "distracted America's top officials" (Kuttner), and as long as the administration refuses to recognize the reality of Bush's decision and to address the problems encountered, staying in Iraq is only making things worse.

    • Word count: 819
  13. h**o Faber commentary. Das Werk h**o Faber von Max Frisch wurde 1977 erstmals veroeffentlicht und befasst sich mit dem Leben des fiktionalen h**o Faber,

    Sabeth hingegen, lebt auf in der Natur und beginnt schnell diverse Erscheinungen mit anderen ihr bekannteren Dingen zu vergleichen. Hier zeigt sich Faber's Neigung zum Technischen nochmals, da seine Vergleiche stets aus Technischen Begriffen oder Arbeitsmaterial bestehen. (Eine ungeschmierte Bremse, Zinkblech, Glaswolle) Faber's sachliche Bemerkungen zu allen Ereignissen und der entsprechenden Vegetation stehen zusaetzlich auch im Kontrast zu Sabeth's Begeisterung fuer das Natuerliche und ihre oft romantisierten Vergleiche. (Wie wenn man Seide reisst) Nennenswert ist jedoch, dass auch Faber mit dem Sonnenaufgang aufzuwaermen erscheint.

    • Word count: 730
  14. Women. It is a well known fact that no matter if we are men or women; the choice of relationship partners is highly influenced by the prediction of personality traits, through a single view or picture.

    Then there is the third type of woman, the less commonly seen one, who 'sees' with her ears. She listens carefully to what the man says, and judges by what she hears. One other highly relevant attribute to consider, is that we all come from different backgrounds, many of us are born in other countries and cultures. Not all women think the same way, and this is possibly the most difficult for a man to spot - 'Who thinks that, and who thinks this.'

    • Word count: 841
  15. Querido Diario, Desde hace ya mas de un ao he tenido problemas con mi madre.

    Siempre me culpa a mi de las cosas que yo no hago y eso me frustra. El otro d�a encontr� a mi madre espi�ndome por Facebook. Nunca se me hab�a ocurrido que quiz�s me leer�a mis mensajes entre yo y mis amigos.

    • Word count: 348
  16. Night at the School. Everything was planned weeks before the night we wanted to spend in the school on the top floor in the aula.

    It seemed to be the hardest point from the list but as it turned out we got it easily. Yet we had to inform one of the teachers and it was professor of chemistry. My class and the one below have chemistry classes every week on Saturday. We made an agreement with our professor that if the school would look perfectly the same the next morning and everyone would appear on the classes than we would have our small secret.

    • Word count: 613
  17. Comparative essay; an extract from Chocolat (1999) and article from Green & Black's Ltd.

    Citations such as 'I only use the best', '...but I like to do it myself', 'I never use electrical mixers', and 'As I work I clean my mind, breathing deeply' give a sense of originality and uniqueness of the main character to the audience. Other than complementing the character's individuality, Harris also seems to write with a purpose to inform that intellectual, creativity and ingenuity are highly needed to create the perfect blend of delightful chocolate. This can be identified from the words used, like 'skill', 'lightness', 'speed', 'patience' and 'wise' as one semantic field.

    • Word count: 747
  18. Knock-offs are faux pas - arguing against buying fake designer goods.

    Summing up the effects to the loss of 750,000 American jobs and the loss of over $500 billion global sales. The results: involvement and agreement between counterfeiters and human trafficking, child labor and gang warfare, also to the use of money laundering and terrorism. With the economic downturn, counterfeited goods may seem like a cheap and easy alternative to help stay stylish. Consumers spent hundreds, billions of dollars on counterfeit goods.

    • Word count: 523
  19. La democracia. El termino democracia proviene del antiguo griego, acunyado en Atenas en el siglo V a.c., apartir de los terminos demos, que se traduce como pueblos y de kratos, que significa poder o gobierno.

    ejemplos de sistemas democraticos, mientras que otros argumentan que fue la democracia ateniense, aunque no tenia derecho a voto el 90% de la poblacion, siendo excluidos la mayoria de los trabajadores campesinos, esclavos y mujeres. El significado ha cambiado mucho y la democracia moderna se empieza a definir en el Siglo XVIII con la introduccion de sistemas democraticos en muchas naciones, pero sobre todo en el S. XX, con el logro del sufragio universal y del voto de la mujer.

    • Word count: 838
  20. The Dangers of Hasty Generalizations Speech.

    Put in simpler terms: -->Draw this on board: 1. Sample S, which is too small, is taken from population P. 2. Conclusion C is drawn about Population P based on S. Now, why is this relevant you ask? Prejudice, r****m and sexism are present in everyday life. We all partake in them, consciously or not. For example, seeing two teenage girls talking at the bus stop, we automatically assume that they are gossiping about trivial matters due to stereotypical depictions of such. Making hasty generalizations must be avoided, thus reducing the influence of bias.

    • Word count: 623
  21. French Presentations: Je voudrais discuter le pour et le contre au sujet dhabiter en ville et la campagne.

    En g�n�ral les �coles, les universit�s et les lyc�es sont � proximit�. En ville c'est facile � faire des courses et d'acheter des v�tements ou faire du l�che-vitrine aux supermarch�s et aux grands centres commerciaux. Finalement, en ville on peut faire des sports comme le basket, le handball, le foot, le badminton ou le tennis qui ont besoin des centres sportifs. Le premier contre est le probl�me de la circulation et par cons�quent beaucoup de pollution et d'embouteillages. Le bruit en ville est aussi presque toujours insupportable.

    • Word count: 521
  22. temoigniage - article de presse. Chre rdaction, je viens de lire votre appel dans votre magazine numro 13 pour raconter des expriences de sjours un institut de cure.

    Mes objectives ont �t� de me r�vitaliser, me d�tendre, changer mes habitudes alimentaires et, enfin, am�liorer mon bien-�tre. De perspective de temps je vois que j'ai reussi � atteindre mes buts et c'est parce que je voudrais recommander cet institut aux autres lecteurs. Tout d'abord la site de cet institut est marveilleuse - le centre est mis admirablement au bord du lac pure cristallin et ourl� d'une for�t pin�de - ou plus exactement - est situ�e dans la for�t m�me.

    • Word count: 361
  23. Quelques conseils sur la meilleure manire de se prparer lexamen BI - un guide

    entre leurs le�ons. Si tu as un horaire comme �a, ce n'est pas, toutefois, la fin du monde. Tu peux toujours g�rer ton temps efficacement et faire en sorte que tu saisisses des heures quand tu n'as pas des le�ons: * Si, par exemple, tu commences les cours plus tard le matin, l�ve-toi toujours t�t,

    • Word count: 411
  24. Syntax. Syntax is a set of principles, rules and indications governing the best arrangement of elements in the structure of communication. (Bantas 1996: 77)

    (Bantas 1996: 77) the basic syntactic unit = the sentence - it enjoys a status of independence at various levels (structural, phonological, graphic, semantic) > syntactic subunits = parts of the (simple) sentence Syntactic subunits: > main/principal parts of the sentence: - the subject - the predicate > secondary parts of the sentence: - the attribute - the object (direct, indirect, prepositional) - the predicative - the adverbial modifier The parts of the sentence take the form of words or combinations of words, which may be also accompanied by prepositions.

    • Word count: 830
  25. La Verdad Sobre el Caso Savolta - Resumen

    � Actualmente, Fuentes colabora en las m�s importantes revistas y publicaciones literarias de Am�rica Latina, Estados Undios y Europa. Datos Sobre El Libro ?Fecha de publicaci�n: 1962 ?G�nero: Novela Narrativa ?La novela es simb�lica pues el personaje de Artemio Cruz representa al M�xico postrevolucionario, donde el joven intr�pido lleno de ideales de la revoluci�n se convierte en un anciano rico e inv�lido, cuya riqueza procede de los capitales extranjeros. Con esta obra nos muestra como el autoan�lisis no tiene por qu� conducir necesariamente a la acci�n.

    • Word count: 927
German is a widely spoken European language, probably more widely spoken than you might think at first. It is the primary language in many countries like Germany, Austria and Switzerland but it is also a secondary (and recognised), language in South Africa, Namibia, Brazil, Denmark and Hungary. Given that so much of our business activity is done with the European Community and that Germany remains the biggest economy within it, you’ll find that having the ability to speak and write German is a very attractive qualification for many employers. GCSE German, like the other languages you’ll study at this level, is a mixture of reading, writing, listening and speaking and you’ll use a variety of different methods and media – audio tapes, films, books and video clips. The assessment will cover all of those four disciplines and there will be end-of-course written examinations. You can really help yourself in accessing the Marked by Teachers site where there are a considerable number of GCSE German essay answers to study and learn from.

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