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International Baccalaureate: Languages

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  1. History research - Early Australian bushrangers. English writing -my region and favourite authors.

    Later, bushrangers usually suffered the death penalty after capture. The first bushrangers, 1790s - 1820s The first bushranger was John Caesar (alias Black Caesar), a former West Indian n***o slave and petty thief. Black Caesar escaped into the bush in 1790 with a musket where he later joined five or six other escaped convicts. This was the first of many attempts by Black Caesar, who survived by hunting and fishing in the bush as well as receiving food and musket shot provided by sympathetic settlers. Black Caesar's repeated escapes caused Governor George Hunter to offer a reward of five gallons of rum, which eventually resulted in him being captured and shot.

    • Word count: 14782
  2. Free essay

    Dutch A1 - Schrijfdossier. De drie personages die beschreven worden in Dekker, Koolen & Buis worden in het eerste geval gentroduceerd als depressieve personen die niet veel nut in het leven zelf zien.

    Daarom zal ik zijn boek nooit vergeten. Andere kinderboeken die bij mij een grote indruk hebben gemaakt is Dolfje Weerwolfje van Paul van Loon, Verdriet met mayonaise van Carry Slee en Hoe overleef ik mezelf van Francine Oomen. Al die boeken hebben 1 ding gemeen, ze zijn allemaal geschreven door succesvolle auteurs. Mijn lievelings auteur is Carry Slee. Zij heeft mij zoveel lees plezier gegeven en deed mij doen beseffen dat deze wereld vol gevaren zit. Dankzij haar heb ik bijvoorbeeld geleerd wat een loverboy is en hoe hij te werk gaat.

    • Word count: 3357
  3. Leyes de Mendel. Los experimentos de Medel realizados utilizando variedades de plantas de arvejas, cada uno de las cuales tena una caracterstica en especial.

    Dificultades familiares y econ�micas le obligaron a retrasar sus estudios. Fue un hombre de contextura enfermiza y car�cter humilde y retra�do. El entorno sociocultural influy� en su personalidad cient�fica, principalmente el contacto directo con la naturaleza, las ense�anzas de su padre sobre los cultivos de frutales y la relaci�n con. Diferentes profesores a lo largo de su vida, en especial el profesor J. Scheider, experto en pomolog�a. El 9 de octubre de 1843 ingres� como novicio en el convento de Br�nn, conocido en la �poca por su gran reputaci�n como centro de estudios y de trabajos cient�ficos.

    • Word count: 3416
  4. MITOLOGIA GRIEGA La mitologa griega est formada por un conjunto de leyendas y mitos. Provienen de la creencia de esta antigua civilizacin del Mediterrneo.

    El principio de la existencia Seg�n Hes�odo, al comienzo no hay nada m�s que espacio, nada org�nico, nada que pueda ser descrito. Luego, despu�s de ese vac�o, se dibuja la primera de las realidades, que limita y comienza a darle un sentido: la Tierra, Gea la base segura de todo lo que en el mundo ya se encontraba dividido, pues bajo la Tierra segu�a existiendo un espacio vac�o donde todo era Caos. Ese Caos engendra el Erebo, el vasto espacio subyacente, en que m�s tarde tendr�n su lugar los infiernos.

    • Word count: 7678
  5. Personajes Secundarios "Casa de muecas"

    Lamentablemente, esta es una falencia dentro de la sociedad que hasta el d�a de hoy sigue vigente, dado que existen a�n culturas, como por ejemplo la �rabe, en las cuales la mujer sigue siendo inferior al hombre. A pesar que en los �ltimos a�os se han implementado nuevas leyes a favor de las mujeres, la sociedad machista en la que vivimos no las ha logrado asimilar y por tanto, la mujer permanece en desventaja ante al hombre. En 1879, Ibsen arroj� a Nora al mundo pretendiendo que ella obtenga la libertad de desarrollarse como persona adulta, responsable e independiente.

    • Word count: 4464
  6. Comparing and Contrasting Nadine Gordimer's Narrative Situations

    In "Some Are Born to Sweet Delight", Rad the terrorist's sinister role is implied on every page by the narrator's word choice. On the other hand, Vera, the innocent reflector, has been made relatable to; the perfect victim who blindly accepts everything without hesitation. Just like Vera, a typical girl, is easy for readers to relate to, and thus closer to the reader, Rad is alien because the lack of narration about him makes him impossible to identify with, as he seems so unfamiliar.

    • Word count: 3789
  7. Lacoste - nous nous demanderons jusqu' quel point l'entreprise Lacoste a t-elle put matriser l'image de sa marque ces dernires annes ou encore comment celle-ci a perdu le contrle de son label et quelle a t sa capacit de raction pour se l

    Devenu professionnel � 20 ans � peine, num�ro un mondial � 24 ans, il devient tr�s vite un pilier de l'�quipe de France et un des plus grands espoirs de celle-ci. Pourtant, en 1929, il arr�te subitement le tennis � cause d'une bronchite chronique qui lui interdit toute pratique sportive. Cette retraite anticip�e ne l'abattra pas pour autant et, en 1933, il fonde la soci�t� Lacoste avec l'aide d'Andr� Gillier, pr�sident de la plus grande compagnie fran�aise de boutonnerie de l'�poque. Cette marque conna�t des lors une expansion et un d�veloppement spectaculaire en s'appuyant sur une image �litiste d'origine bourgeoise.

    • Word count: 10322

    The relationship between Antigone and her brothers explains Antigone as an individual, we realize why she is extremely ignorant about burying her brother, so ignorant that she would sacrifice her life. This is due to the fact that Antigone wants to maintain the honour and dignity she saw in her brothers. Characters bring about the major themes in Antigone, hence they are explained in detail. Antigone's idealism is contrasted with Creon's realism. We learn that Antigone is someone who strongly believes in the idealism in the world.

    • Word count: 3001
  9. Long Days Journey Into Night

    Consequently none of their conversations can be held without somehow referring to the past, as it is the past upon which they have built their relationships with each other. The relationship between Tyrone and Jamie for example is one in which Jamie blames Tyrone for his miserliness with his money, which he believes is what led to his mother's addiction to morphine, and her recent unhappiness which caused her to return to the drug. Tyrone blames his son for being an "evil-minded loafer", and says that s'notes he is responsible both for making nothing of his own life, and also for leading Edmund astray.

    • Word count: 3084
  10. EE(danish):Festen, af Thomas Vinterberg & Kunsten at grde i kor, af Peter Schnau Fog: En analyse og sammenligning af de to vrker

    Jeg har arbejdet h�rdt med at sidde og analysere de to film, jeg har derefter ogs� fundet en r�kke artikler der underst�tter mit eget information. Begge instrukt�rer har arbejdet h�rdt for at bringe deres budskab igennem, om drengene i filmenes h�rde kamp i mod incesten. I enden handler det om handlingen, hvilket ogs� er det jeg endte med at konkludere. Introduktion Film og kontroversielle emner har altid interreseret mig, da det har givet mig mulighed for at diskutere. Forskellige genrer af film, forskellige m�der at fremstille film p� er en interrasesant m�de at udtrykke sig p�.

    • Word count: 7727
  11. Engligh Extended Essay on Egdgar Allen Poe

    Contents Page 1. Abstract pg. 1 2. Contents pg. 2 3. Introduction pg. 3 4. Body pg. 5 5. Conclusion pg. 10 6. Bibliography pg. 11 7. Appendices pg. 12 Introduction Edgar Allen Poe lived and wrote in the early 1800's. He lived a troubled life, chronically suffering from nightmares and eventually dying unhappily of drink after the death of his wife. He stated in Marginalia that his visionary glimpses "arise in the soul...only... at those mere points in time where the confines of the waking world blend with those of the world of dreams", meaning that the inspiration for most of his revolutionary literature came from his dreams and subconscious as he fell asleep.

    • Word count: 5121
  12. L'etranger chapitre 2 et 3

    * Son utilit� (practicallity) et incapacit� de 'jouer au jeu de soci�t�' �voquent la satire dans ce roman. Par exemple, il dort avec Maria apr�s la mort de sa m�re, il fume � ses fun�railles et il s'inqui�te plus au sujet du trajet � l'asile de vieillards alors de la mort de sa m�re. * Meursault est capable de l'�motion, le plaisir et la r�flexion, pourtant, il s'oppose � ceux de soci�t�. Il vit au moment et il ne suit pas les r�gles indirectes de soci�t� et les conventions.

    • Word count: 5007
  13. An analysis of Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451

    Writing books also became a bigger problem for the authors, due to the world having suffered two world wars and two atomic wars, it became a harder task not to offend minorities and other interest groups. Due to this development, the population generally stopped reading books. The issue of ignorance versus knowledge quickly developed into a growing concern. The government were to stop this growing development by hiring fire department personnel to burn all the books they came across, promoting sameness; "none were to be more educated than their neighbour"2.

    • Word count: 4111
  14. Things Fall Apart Novel Analysis

    As it says in the poem, Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Okonkwo can't hold forever, so Things Fall Apart. 2. Biographical Sketch: Chinua Achebe or, Albert Chinualumogu Achebe, was born November 16th, 1930 in Ogidi, Nigeria. His father, Isaiah, was a Protestant teacher in a missionary school. Chinua was raised religious which probably gave him the idea of the white men converting the Villages' many religions. Achebe attended University in Ibadan to 1953 and received a B.A. in English from the University of London. Originally, Achebe studied Medicine but it became too hard and he switched to English.

    • Word count: 3543
  15. Response to text. terror attack 26/11

    She chose to put it up on facebook, probably because she was confident that her friends would probably feel the same way about this issue and share the same opinion as her. In this letter she begins with why she probably felt so angry at the incident, and then she employs a very sardonic tone, which reveals her anger. By the end of the letter she condemns these acts and mocks the terrorist by throwing questions at their acts and conscience.

    • Word count: 3074
  16. Collection of Creative and Analytical Journal Entries On The Tin Flute By Gabrielle Roy

    Thus, her indulgences are mere indulgences, not serving to further herself to a greater goal. In this way, the author depicts how Florentine is trapped by the same poverty that propels Jean forward. This quote really stands out to me because I have realized the necessity to setting small goals as well as the large ones. This way, every small goal achieved reinforces yours self-confidence and smooth the way to your ultimate goals. Entry #3 - Significance of a quote (Ch.21) Quote: "Her hand on the doorknob, she paused for one long, ineffable moment. Then she pushed open the door.

    • Word count: 3193
  17. Articles of VN War

    Giu nhiem vu truong co quan an ninh t�nh b�o Thua Thi�n- Hu� tu 1966 d�n d�u 1975, t�i c� b�n phan phai chiu tr�ch nhiem ch�nh v� v�n d� g�n giu an ninh trat tu, bao ve sinh mang v� t�i san cho d�ng b�o trong tinh. V� tr�n h�t moi chuyen, l� d�i ph� voi cuc T�nh B�o chi�n luoc Bac Viet, l�ng v�o d� l� mot mang luoi tinh vi v� d�y dac CS nam v�ng tai Hu�.

    • Word count: 12015
  18. Historical Vietnam Events

    noi th�nh ph�, thu phan v� em cham s�c moi viec trong nh� cho c� em d�u kh� t�nh nhung kh�o duoc ch�ng vi n�. C� Ba k� l� nguoi d�n b� t�nh t�nh quac thuoc ngay thang c� tay l�m gi�u nho bu�n b�n cung theo ch�ng v� thu d� sinh s�ng . Nguoi thu tu v� thu nam d� ch�t khi duoc v�i tu�i v� benh dau mua boc ph�t khap th�n l�ng. Nguoi con trai thu s�u l� nguoi "trong nghia khinh t�i",t�nh t�nh r�t ph�ng kho�ng kh�ng th�ch c�ng danh r�ng buoc chi mu�n ngao du s�ng nuoc voi ban huu th�m t�nh.

    • Word count: 5363
  19. Vietnamese Poetry and Language

    Ch�nh v� the� ta�c gia� �a� la�y ba ch�� H��ng Ho�ng Que� la�m te�n ta�p truye�n. Co� le� a�n y� na�y cu�a ta�c gia� kho� ���c ng��i �o�c nha�n ra, v� �a�y ch� la� mo�t ca�m nghie�m hoa�n toa�n rie�ng t�. Nh�n la�i suo�t do�c da�i l�ch s�� tha�ng tra�m cu�a �a�t n��c, gi�i s� phu luo�n luo�n gi�� vai tro� h��ng �a�o trong mo�i th�i ky� s�n ha� bie�n �o�ng, cu�ng nh� lu�c xa� ta�c an b�nh. Gi�i s� phu 6 ?

    • Word count: 89216
  20. Christmas - origins, traditions and ideas for making gifts.

    Eventually Christmas became a widely observed holiday. However, it was much slower to be observed in the United States. Many misunderstood the celebration and considered it to be pagan. Presents and Gifts The giving of gifts on Christmas day began with the birth of Christ, God's gift to the world. It continued with the gifts of the magi to the Christ child. Candy Canes In the 1800's there lived a candy maker who wished to create a Christmas candy to symbolise Christ.

    • Word count: 17031
  21. Girl With a Pearl Earring

    Words: 291 Girl with her pride Tracy Chevalier is the author of the novel "Girl with a pearl earring". She is an American novelist settled in London and her career started with the book "Virgin blue" in 1997. Two years later she released her second book, "Girl with a pearl earring". This book is based on the creation of the famous painting by Johannes Vermeer and this is Tracy Chevalier's most famous piece of work. Throughout the story we can see that the main character, Griet, has a different personality in the end of the book than in the beginning. It does not happen much in the plot of the book, but a lot goes on inside Griets head.

    • Word count: 4437
  22. Demokratisk Vinter

    Klockan var fortfarande inte elva och George var tvungen att v�nta p� Ma Ch�s luncherbjudande i ytterligare fem minuter. Detta retade dock inte George, han var politiskt engagerad och str�ngt upptagen. D� han tillh�rde oppositionen Profit�rerna hade han mycket att t�nka p�. George levde ett bra liv med relativt bra betalt med tanke p� den instabila politiska situationen. Han gick varje lunchrast de femtio metrarna ner fr�n byggvaruhuset till Ma Ch� d�r han �t en tonfisksallad. Hela restaurangen var full av g�ster som likt George v�ntade p� luncherbjudandet.

    • Word count: 3641
  23. Madame Bobary

    • Word count: 5800
  24. The World According to Garp

    In "The World According to Garp", the reader follows T.S. Garp from his birth to his death, even though the novel initially starts out by introducing Garp's mother, Jenny Fields: "Jenny was twenty-two. She had dropped out of college almost as soon as she'd begun, but she had finished her nursing-school program at the head of her class and she enjoyed being a nurse." (Page 13) Garp is introduced in the second chapter of the book, and stays in centre throughout the entire novel as its protagonist.

    • Word count: 3563
German is a widely spoken European language, probably more widely spoken than you might think at first. It is the primary language in many countries like Germany, Austria and Switzerland but it is also a secondary (and recognised), language in South Africa, Namibia, Brazil, Denmark and Hungary. Given that so much of our business activity is done with the European Community and that Germany remains the biggest economy within it, you’ll find that having the ability to speak and write German is a very attractive qualification for many employers. GCSE German, like the other languages you’ll study at this level, is a mixture of reading, writing, listening and speaking and you’ll use a variety of different methods and media – audio tapes, films, books and video clips. The assessment will cover all of those four disciplines and there will be end-of-course written examinations. You can really help yourself in accessing the Marked by Teachers site where there are a considerable number of GCSE German essay answers to study and learn from.

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