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International Baccalaureate: Languages

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  • Peer Reviewed essays 2
  1. IB English Paper 1 Practice - Text As Gender bias starts before a candidate is even hired and Text Bs New Study Exposes Gender Bias In Tech Job Listings are both feature articles regarding the issue of gender-bias language in job listings

    Although the two texts share the same dual purpose of informing readers about the perils of gender-bias words in job listings as well as persuading companies to omit the use of those words in the job listings, the two texts differ greatly in the way they approach their thesis due to the difference in their context and target audience. Difference of primary audience between the two texts causes difference in focus of the two articles. Being a UK based news publication specifically focused on office related issues, Text A?s chief audience is general working class of British people.

    • Word count: 1519
  2. Speech on the Language of Migration Debates

    Go and look at the battered remains of Aylan Kurdi on the Mediterranean shore. They will tell you that we are not worthy of these titles. You have no further to look than your daily newspapers and television. Their use of language has dehumanized and marginalized the people they seek to describe. Their use of words such as ?cockroaches?, ?barbarians? and ?animals? have had as much of an effect on the lives of those fleeing violence in Syria and Iraq as that of the use of words like ?illegal immigrants? and ?illegal aliens? which society deems justified for describing these people.

    • Word count: 1045
German is a widely spoken European language, probably more widely spoken than you might think at first. It is the primary language in many countries like Germany, Austria and Switzerland but it is also a secondary (and recognised), language in South Africa, Namibia, Brazil, Denmark and Hungary. Given that so much of our business activity is done with the European Community and that Germany remains the biggest economy within it, you’ll find that having the ability to speak and write German is a very attractive qualification for many employers. GCSE German, like the other languages you’ll study at this level, is a mixture of reading, writing, listening and speaking and you’ll use a variety of different methods and media – audio tapes, films, books and video clips. The assessment will cover all of those four disciplines and there will be end-of-course written examinations. You can really help yourself in accessing the Marked by Teachers site where there are a considerable number of GCSE German essay answers to study and learn from.

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