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International Baccalaureate: Languages

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  1. Reflective Statement - Zorba the Greek

    Throughout the novel, food is not only portrayed as living necessities, but as daily rituals in which one indulges and thus, cleanses his/her soul. Zorba described food as the basic unit of life, stating that as man consumes food, he excretes happiness and pleasure. This can be seen on many occasions, such as the duo's very first meal with Dame Hortense, where dinner was consumed and thus resulted in a passionate affection between the French siren and Zorba.

    • Word count: 408
  2. Film Critique of the 1996 film adaptation of The Crucible

    To save innocent lives and his own family, John Proctor is faced with a grand conspiracy that only he knows about, and will have to somehow expose the true "witches" of Salem. But with the power of the town court on their side, Proctor is forced to confront a plot even bigger than he has ever imagined. Critique: With stunning shots of the town and an accurate portrayal of 17th century Salem, Nicholas Hytner captures the essential realism the original play attempted to display, and creates a realistic atmosphere without a doubt.

    • Word count: 1272
  3. Drug Essay French. Chre Perrine, Rcemment, j'ai not que tu as pass beaucoup de temps avec des gens qui se droguent,

    Oui, se droguer peut �tre amusant, mais les cons�quences de leur prise ne sont pas. J'esp�re qu'apr�s avoir lu ceci, tu y penseras deux fois avant de te d�cider de se droguer. Tout d'abord, ils te nuire.

    • Word count: 227
  4. French I - the Environment. Lun des principaux problmes environnementaux d'aujourd'hui est le rchauffement climatique.

    Cela provoque ce qu'on appelle un "effet de serre ". L'effet majeur de cet effet de serre est d'�lever la temp�rature du monde. Si cela continue, les conditions climatiques � travers le monde vont changer.

    • Word count: 205
  5. French - le professeur nous a demand ce que nous ferions si nous avons gagn une norme somme d'argent.

    Comme les voitures, les bateaux, beaucoup de nourriture gastronomique et de chaussures bien s�r! Mais ensuite, j'ai r�alis� que cette id�e �tait �go�ste. Si je n'aide personne avec mon argent, quel est le point de l'avoir? J'ai r�alis� que je serais probablement plus heureux si j'ai essay� de faire une diff�rence avec mon argent plut�t que de d�penser tout sur ??moi-m�me.

    • Word count: 411
  6. La bsqueda del infinito El sol es la estrella ms grande y ms brillante del cosmos.

    Los planetas giran alrededor del sol, pero tambi�n cada planeta tiene un movimiento particular; la orbita. Se dec�a que la orbita de los planetas era en forma de un circulo, ahora se conoce que tiene forma de elipse. Nuestro sat�lite, la luna tiene un tama�o promedio. La orbita de la luna dura 27 d�as. Exactamente sus dos movimientos duran lo mismo, por eso no vemos todos lo lados de la luna, solo apreciamos uno. Marte; 4to planeta en el sistema solar. Se cree que en el hubo agua.

    • Word count: 517
  7. Notre Dame de Paris par Victor Hugo. Rsum de luvre

    Une pi�ce de th��tre, �crite par Pierre Gringoire, est jou�e en cet honneur ainsi qu'en l'occasion de la f�te des fous. Quasimodo se fait �lire pape des fous ; les spectateurs et l'orchestre pr�vu pour le spectacle l'emm�nent � travers la ville. La pi�ce est donc interrompue et ne reprendra pas. La foule se dirige vers la place de la Gr�ve pour f�ter l'�v�nement. Quasimodo, sur ordre de son p�re adoptif, Frollo, essaie d'enlever la jolie boh�mienne Esm�ralda. Mais celle-ci est sauv�e par le capitaine Phoebus dont elle tombe amoureuse.

    • Word count: 1774
  8. Free essay

    Then and Now When the man in your life is off at work, you are left at home, slaving over a hot stove all day and cleaning.

    So, what she needs to do is make sure that she is fully stocked with all the most recent fragrances, products that have a scent that will lure any individual to you. We are taught by advertising, especially ones for feminine hygiene products, that women should not smell as they naturally do, but "fresh." Today, everything is scented to cover up any "natural" scent. Why would anyone want to smell us "naturally", when we could smell like a flowering garden?

    • Word count: 1090
  9. Anlisis de Family of farmers Los creadores de las crisis.

    Los personajes est�n vestidos con prendas muy simples y humildes, llevan objetos comunes entre los campesinos, como jarras de vino, producido por ellos; cantaros de agua, bolsas de semillas para cosechar, canastas; usadas para recoger huevos y/o frutas. La familia est� en una casa realmente humilde, con muebles r�sticos y viejos. Estas son las posesiones de una familia pobre en Francia de la �poca de la monarqu�a absoluta. Tienen lo suficiente para sobrevivir, pero aun as�, esto debe ser producido por si mismos, ya que no tienen los recursos para adquirirlos por otros medios.

    • Word count: 1170
  10. The text under analysis is taken from the book Doctor in the House written by Richard Gordon.

    At the beginning of the story the author describes the most significant event in the life of every medical student - the final examination. He shows the students' feelings and preparations for them. Then the narrator depicts the written exam, after which the main hero and his friend discuss the original process of grading the papers at college. Further the author dwells on the oral examination, before which he characterizes different types of candidates' behavior anticipating it. After that the narrator passes on to the description of the main character's feelings and his depressed condition due to the fact, that he did not know whether he would get through or not.

    • Word count: 987
  11. Las palabras son mas traicioneras y poderosas da lo que pensamos. Evale hasta qu punto las caractersticas que Sartre atribuye a las palabras afectan negativa o positivamente a diferentes reas del conocimiento.

    Tomar� como ejemplo un acontecimiento sumamente importante en la historia de la humanidad, la creaci�n de las bombas nucleares. Exactamente el 2 de agosto de 1939, Albert Einstein dirigi� una carta al presidente de ese entonces de Estados Unidos, Roosevelt, en la cual le expresaba su temor a que Alemania logre la fabricaci�n de una bomba extremadamente poderosa con el elemento Uranio y le ped�a que Estados Unidos acelere las investigaciones sobre este tema en particular. A continuaci�n citar� un extracto de la carta que me pareci� el m�s resaltante. "... Acelerar el trabajo experimental, que en estos momentos se efect�a con los presupuestos limitados de los laboratorios de las universidades, con el suministro de fondos.

    • Word count: 1284
  12. Hacer lo correcto comienza con saber qu es lo correcto. De qu formas la accin responsable depende de un pensamiento crtico y bien fundamentado?

    Es por esto que el proceso de continuo aprendizaje y educaci�n en la vida de toda persona es tan importante, ya que a trav�s de esto la persona contar� cada vez con m�s elementos para poder discernir entre lo correcto y lo incorrecto y poder as� llegar a desarrollar un pensamiento cr�tico y bien fundamentado. Sin embargo para llegar a tener un pensamiento cr�tico y bien fundamentado no basta con recibir solamente un continuo flujo de conocimientos durante el transcurso de la vida, sino que estos sean de calidad, basados siempre en las experiencias de generaciones pasadas.

    • Word count: 1256
  13. Democratic Rights to Safety and Security Arguing Against the Building of Nuclear Power Plants in the USA.

    But will the construction truly benefit these people on a large scale, in the long-run? Are there actual economic gains in the first place? Without a doubt, the people will not benefit from the nuclear plant in the long-run, and the economic gains will not outweigh the losses. We need to prevent the construction of the Willets Point nuclear power plant, because it will endanger our safety and security. As citizens of the United States of America, we have every right to protest against nuclear energy because it violates our unalienable rights.

    • Word count: 1572
  14. Rugby report Italian translation.

    As we entered one could already notice that the game was one sided, they were giants compared to us but there was no turning back. The game started and they started attacking with great force and we could not stop them, they were too strong. In the first thirty minutes they had skored thirty nine points but we did not give up. We mannaged to attack and my team mate passed me a brilliant ball and I rushed to the scoring line and mannaged to score three points for my team.

    • Word count: 444
  15. The Truman Show -Analysis.The Truman Show is a movie about a man named Truman Burbank, whose life is exposed through a reality TV show.

    He is rather naive and is confident in any situation, which makes the audience sympathize with Truman's pitiful life. Truman himself reveals the ironic meaning in the story. His name also hints this fact. The audience is invited to reflect their own lives in comparison to the ironical meaning in the movie. Accordingly, the movie recommends viewers to relate some aspects of the characters in the movie to themselves personally. While providing enjoyment to the viewer, the film has a lot of underlying meaning and themes. If we imagine that every moment of our lives is being recorded on a camera and broadcasted on TV, it would be quite gruesome.

    • Word count: 668
  16. The more I talked to the girl named Su young I could notice that she was suffering from the stigma of living as a North Korean in South Korea society that put fetters in her entire life. Moreover, the failing test grades and the confusion about her identi

    Moreover, the failing test grades and the confusion about her identity messed up her mind and body. As I talked with the North Korean girl, the first thought I had on my mind was that the indifference of South Koreans toward North Koreans is getting worse and worse. Despite the number of North Korean defectors has passed two million, their feeling of isolation and the suppression from the normal life are getting bigger like a balloon that can pop up someday. Among the number of two million, teenagers account for twenty percent. Furthermore, twenty to thirty percent of the North Korean teenagers are orphans who don't have anyone to support them.

    • Word count: 955
  17. Ltude des uvres littraires nous permet dapprendre beaucoup sur nous-mmes. Discutez les moyens par lesquels certains aspects thmatiques et formels partir des deux uvres tudies dans cette partie du pro

    En premier lieu, comme nous avons dit auparavant, une relation est �tablie entre l'�uvre et le lecteur qui va effectuer une identification avec le personnage. Ainsi que les valeurs �motionnelles vont nous �prouver de nouveaux sentiments qu'on n'aurait pas ressenti dans le pass�. Ces �motions vont aussi nourrir notre imagination et nous faire comprendre la raison pour la quelle on arrive facilement a s'identifier aux diff�rents personnages rencontr�s dans les texte litt�raires. Par exemple dans l'�uvre de " Dom Juan ", en parlant des deux femmes paysanne, Charlotte et Mathurine, nous pouvons dire que beaucoup de femmes de nos jours se retrouvent dans cette m�me situation, c'est � dire cette moquerie � leur na�vet�.

    • Word count: 1014
  18. Si nous dsirons tre libres , quest ce qui nous empche de l tre ?

    N'y a -t-il pas d'autres facteurs qui nous emp�chent de l'�tre totalement ? Eluard a chant� la libert� et il veut �crire ce nom partout m�me sur les cahiers d'�colier ...sur le pain blanc, affirme -t-il mais il ne dit pas ce qu'elle est , pas plus que le r�volt� qui la revendique et le citoyen qui la d�clare. Elle serait d�licate � d�finir n'est-elle pas ce que Bergson dit de la conscience : " Mais qu'est - ce que la conscience ? Vous pensez bien que je ne vais pas d�finir une chose aussi concr�te , aussi constamment pr�sente � l'exp�rience de chacun de nous .

    • Word count: 2063
  19. The practice of child labor is going on since a long time and depriving millions of children of their basic human rights including freedom, development, education and play.

    This has been recognized as a worst form of child exploitation and though measures are being taken against it in many parts of the world, the issue remains unresolved to a great extent. The UNICEF reported about 158 million children aging between 5 to 14 years of age who are victims of child labor since an early age and this figure is continuously on the rise. (2006 statistics reported) The problem of child labor is not only restricted to under-developed or developing countries, even developed countries are a part of this menace.

    • Word count: 2263
  20. FOA on media. This article talks about Yuri Alemao a politician, based in a small town of Goa called Cuncolim. The article goes on to discuss the great qualities Yuri Alemao possesses and what a remarkable leader he would be for the town.

    Paid news today is practise in India to a great extent. One such example is the article handed out to all of you. This article talks about Yuri Alemao a politician, based in a small town of Goa called Cuncolim. The article goes on to discuss the great qualities Yuri Alemao possesses and what a remarkable leader he would be for the town. And henceforth it does an excellent job of forming a positive image of Mr Alemao in the eyes of public and helps him in gaining immense support. This has been done through the use of various techniques.

    • Word count: 987
  21. The article Something Old, Something New printed in The New Yorker covers the story about the founder and editor of the Playboy magazine; the eighty-four-year-old Hugh Hefners coming wedding with his twenty-four-year-old fianc, Crystal Harris.

    The announcement of their engagement was on Christmas Eve where Hefner released the news on Twitter to all his "fans". It seems like their marriage is just an extra move in the direction of drawing more intension to themselves and it that way to become even more famous. And when you post such a private thing like your engagement on Twitter, is it because you want everyone to know what is going on in your life. It could indicate that they in no way wish to hide their private lives but want everybody to know of them.

    • Word count: 1582
  22. The short story Everyone Talked Loudly in Chinatown is about a teenage girl named Lin who lives in Canada.

    Because she as well as her parents are of Chinese origin, will they not let their daughter be in a relationship with any boy who isn't Chinese. Her parents are very strict and rich in traditions and Chinese values. But Lin isn't like her parents or what her parents want her to be. She doesn't feel Chinese. She rather likes to be together with 'white' Canadians than Chinese. So when she falls in love with Todd she bends her parents' rules.

    • Word count: 2263
  23. Observation in a bank. The aim of this report is to represent my understanding of British culture by analyzing how different people behaves in public place.

    The information desk is at the end of the path. Usually, you will see a gentle man or a lady standing behind, wearing smart suit, ready to answer customers' questions and give advises. By the left of the information desk are two wooden desks that provide inductive booklets of HSBC. On your right hand, four ATMs are there, offering 24-hour service to customers. The staff room is just next to the ATM machines, acquiring pin number to enter. The main sections of the bank are the tills and offices.

    • Word count: 919
  24. Free essay

    The atmosphere in which people live, breathe, and sleep can have an intense effect on their calling or destiny in life. The last sentence, relates to the memoir written by Jimmy Santiago Baca recalling his life and hardships in A Place to Stand.

    only did he write but he also developed a desire for poetry and wrote a memoir revealing his life story and how people can take something away from his experience to better the situations they might go through. Even though individuals shouldn't let the circumstances determine their destiny, there are unavoidable adversities that come to all and the outcomes can be serious, having a big impact in life. The first issue covering is education. Education is very important in every society out there and sets the status of lower or higher level of people in the world.

    • Word count: 1384
  25. Poema - Aceituneros Pregunta- Hasta que punto la utilizacion de los recursos naturales le ayudan al autor a transmitir sus sentimientos?

    Esto alva a los Andaluces preguntando desde su alma quien hizo crecer los olivos que tanta admiracion le produce. 2# estrofa ,"No los levanto la nada .... el trabajo y el sudor." Aqui nos demuestra que el sacrificio para crecer estas tierras no es de cualquier hombre sino del campesino que ha puesto su sudor y trabajo en crear estos olivos. 3# estrofa, "Unidos al agua pura.... de los troncos retorcidos." Esto es gracias a la union del hombre con la naturaleza y el universo lo que hace que los olivos crezcan grandes y con fuerza. 4# estrofa, " Levantate, olivo cano...

    • Word count: 489

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