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International Baccalaureate: Languages

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  1. The White kite with a tail. he wind was soft against her closed eyes but it still woke her with the gentle rain on her face and she turned smilingly towards him

    Daddy's pace picked up a little now, "We would buy kites with all our pocket money. They would be some different colors with nice long tails. We would make our own when we didn't have enough money, but they didn't always perform that well. I remember I had once made a white one with a blue tail and it cut through two kites when I flew it." "What happened to it then?" "It got stolen and I think I know who did it."

    • Word count: 945
  2. French letter. Ceci est une rponse la www.ancestry.com nouveau site web. J'ai lu quelques questions sur les nouvelles quotidiennes et d'ascendance ont trouv cela trs intressant.

    Il est une chose fascinante � faire. Vous obtenez de d�couvrir les documents historiques, photos, histoires, construire des arbres g�n�alogiques et votre patrimoine de membres de la famille et les anc�tres. Cependant, en plus de cela, je voudrais des cartes et des r�gions du monde � �tre int�gr�s � ce site chaque fois que quelqu'un d�couvre quelque chose au sujet de leur ascendance. Il serait b�n�fique pour localiser la r�gion ou la route approximative ancestrale de nos anc�tres afin que nous ayons une id�e de comment nous sommes li�s par le biais de divers groupes ethniques � travers la lign�e paternelle et maternelle au lieu de simplement nous dire litt�ralement par mots o� nos anc�tres sont venus.

    • Word count: 1063
  3. Eulogy to my brother.

    My brother has not always been a real role model, he is one of those guys that likes to enjoy life and be treated like royalty. Well I guess everyone should follow his footsteps and try to be treated as a king or queen, but there can only be one king and I always felt like his butler. Although I can never be the type of person to order people around I do respect Hugo for being the oldest. He was always experiencing things before the rest of us, doing the dirty work of finding out how things are done.

    • Word count: 641
  4. El Sur era uno de los cuentos preferidos de Borges, en el Borges deja entrever alguna alusin a su vida hacindonos pensar en un posible relato autobiogrfico.

    Adem�s el limite entre lo real y lo on�rico es extremadamente fino, "Ma�ana me despertare en la estancia pensaba" lo cual crea ambig�edad. A partir del uso y menci�n de los vol�menes de las Mil y Una Noches podemos asociar como dije anteriormente un posible relato autobiogr�fico. Ya que para Borges estos vol�menes eran simb�licos porque permit�an no solo olvidarse del destino sino postergarlo al estar relacionado con el infinito. En el fragmento podemos ver una asociaci�n ya que Dahlmann abre uno de los vol�menes luego de que una miga de pan la rozara el rostro, as� como para evitar esa realidad en la cual �l hab�a sido humillado.

    • Word count: 1207
  5. Math Portfolio Type II China. representando la poblacin de China de 1950 a 1995

    Para este eje utilizar� una variable en la escala de 50 millones. 1 La anterior gr�fica nos muestra el incremento de la poblaci�n en funci�n del tiempo. Tiene una pendiente creciente irregular, tomando aspecto de una combinaci�n entre funci�n exponencial, una funci�n logar�tmica y una funci�n lineal, pues el crecimiento toma la forma de una l�nea semirrecta empezando con un poco de la curvatura caracter�stica de las funciones logar�tmicas, luego se comporta como funci�n lineal; sin embargo en el intervalo entre el segundo punto (609 millones)

    • Word count: 3212

    Durante este periodo ya hab�a comunicaci�n entre los hombres aunque de una manera muy subdesarrollada, y no hab�a la seguridad de que algo aprendido en generaciones anteriores persistiera y fuera transferido el conocimiento tal cual a las generaciones posteriores. Esto era debido a que toda la comunicaci�n era verbal y pasaba por varias personas y cada quien le a�ad�a o transformaba y lo transmit�a como lo hab�a entendido. Gracias al razonamiento del hombre surge la escritura pudiendo dejar plasmados mensajes a futuro y este suceso marc� el fin de la Prehistoria y el inicio de la Historia.

    • Word count: 1695
  7. Spoonful of potato salad. When my mom said that I should talk to my dad about the traditions of food in our family, I was surprised and not very excited.

    That evening, I phoned my dad and started an interview on our family's tradition of food. Surprisingly, he was very eager to talk about it. He was born in a small town called Jun-Ju, South Korea back in 1963, just ten years after the Korean War had stopped and the country had divided in two. With mixed feeling of sadness and anger, he added that over half of the farm land was destroyed and was not safe to work on because of landmines.

    • Word count: 1085
  8. As a person, student and employee I encounter several circumstances each day which test my patience, my character and my values. For me, my values are important

    We can make decisions that would otherwise be difficult, and we can handle situations easier. All we have to know our are values. Making a deliberate and conscious attempt to identity which values are the most important is needed to discover what defines your character and your morals. Knowing your values keeps your anxiety low and your happiness and sense of personal worth and self-awareness high. Our lives can become successful, and more productive, when we acknowledge our personal values and then make the attempt to live by and honor these values regardless of the circumstances we encounter.

    • Word count: 754
  9. The Photographer is a graphic novel narrated by Didier Lefreve and illustrated by Emmanuel Gilbert. The Photographer dramatizes a three month long mission carried out by MSF (Medicine Sans Frontier) who venture into Afghanistan

    Different characters resort to humour throughout the novel. The photographer expresses the idea that humour is an important cornerstone in all successful relationships. In addition, humour is used to decrease the gravity of a situation. Whenever difficult situations are encountered in the book, humour is employed to overcome them. Didier is able to overcome the situation of the power outage though the usage of humour, the stressful situation is put in a different light allowing Didier to endure it. The difficult trek towards Afghanistan is abound with jokes and humorous incidences, all of which are used to lighten the mood and make the situation more bearable.

    • Word count: 531
  10. Aujourdhui, je vais vous prsenter une analyse dun tableau peint par Ren Magritte qui est appelle Le Fils de lHomme .

    Le fils de l'homme est l'une des plus c�l�bres peintures de Magritte, en plus de la bien connue "La Trahison des Images". Dans ce tableau, il y a un homme dans un costume debout sur ce qui semble �tre un pont avec une pomme verte couvrant son visage. � premi�re vue, cette peinture semble un peu bizarre � cause de la pomme en face du visage de l'homme.

    • Word count: 539
  11. Nice excursion. One of the most exciting trips this year is the Nice visit for the 9th graders.

    On the first day of the stay in Nice, students will get a first taste of the city and it's surrounding. After the introduction at the school and the course, as a whole group they will walk from the port to the castle hill and there they'll play football, visit a cemetery, go to the old town (has great ice-cream) and will go to the market places where they will have the chance to spend their money for the first time.

    • Word count: 596
  12. Italian Summary on Basics. Saluti e espressioni di cortesia - Greetings and courteous expressions

    Ciao! Hi/Bye Salve! Hello (more formal than Ciao) (mainly used in Rome) A presto! See you soon! A dopo! See you later! A pi� tardi See you later A domani! See you tomorrow A fra poco See you in a little while Come si chiama? (formal sing.) What is your name? Come ti chiami? (familiar sing.) " " " Mi chiamo Giordano My name is Jordan Ti presento ... (familiar sing.) Let me introduce ... to you Vi presento ... (familiar pl) " " " " Di dove sei tu? (familiar sing.) Where are you from? Di dov'� Lei?

    • Word count: 851
  13. Doktor Glas- Hjalmar Sderberg

    Under sitt bes�k hos doktor Glas avsl�jar Helga �ven att hon �r otrogen mot sin betydligt �ldre make. Urs�kten om att Helga b�r avst� fr�n all sexuell kontakt h�ller ett tag men tillslut b�rjar pastorn f�rgripa sig p� sin fru igen. D� doktor Glas drar till med en drastisk l�sning, han intalar sin patient, som har problem med sitt hj�rta, att hans hj�rta har f�rs�mrat radikalt och att det b�sta vore att pastorn skulle f� lite lugn och ro vilket han f�r om han reser bort ifr�n staden i n�gra veckor.

    • Word count: 877
  14. Hallo Szymon, wie geht es dir? Danke schn fr deinen letzten Brief. Wie versprochen, schreibe ich dir endlich mal wieder.

    Hoffentlich bist du nicht b�se auf mich. Ich habe geh�rt, dass du in letzter Zeit ziemlich gestresst bist. Vielleicht die Geschichte aus dem letzten Schuljahr wird deine Stimmung verbessern. Erinnerst du dich Heiligabend in letztem Jahr? Es schneite den ganzen Tag.

    • Word count: 245
  15. Hersenschimmen/Gewiste Sporen comparison

    Het verlies van korte termijngeheugen blijf je zien tot aan het eind van het boek. In Gewiste Sporen is het verlies van het korte termijngeheugen zeer duidelijk aanwezig en ook misschien wel erger dan in Hersenschimmen. Het eerste tekentje van verlies van korte termijngeheugen is in het eerste hoofdstuk als ze niet meer zeker weet of ze een pagina uit het boek dat ze aan het lezen is wel echt heeft gelezen. Een klein stukje later in het boek vergeet ze ook dingen zoals de was, dat ze naar de poelier is geweest en ze vergeet een heel toneelstuk dat ze net heeft gezien.

    • Word count: 1209
  16. As an audience, we analyze texts in great detail and we compare text with other forms of text. The blog by Jennifer Romolimi and the graphic novel Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi have a strong connection with each other, and yet they both have their own uni

    Romolimi has used a blog as the form to convey to readers her personal opinions towards the subject of the TV show 'America's Next Top Model'. A blog is a modern way to write your own public diary. With technology, people can write and publish their text freely online for others to view. In Romolimi's blog, she has used modern language to persuade how the ATNM has degraded women's rights. As a blog, people can express themselves freely without the need to write properly.

    • Word count: 640
  17. History research - Early Australian bushrangers. English writing -my region and favourite authors.

    Later, bushrangers usually suffered the death penalty after capture. The first bushrangers, 1790s - 1820s The first bushranger was John Caesar (alias Black Caesar), a former West Indian n***o slave and petty thief. Black Caesar escaped into the bush in 1790 with a musket where he later joined five or six other escaped convicts. This was the first of many attempts by Black Caesar, who survived by hunting and fishing in the bush as well as receiving food and musket shot provided by sympathetic settlers. Black Caesar's repeated escapes caused Governor George Hunter to offer a reward of five gallons of rum, which eventually resulted in him being captured and shot.

    • Word count: 14782
  18. The Soldier by Rupert Brooke and The Dunkirk speech by Winston Churchill, are comparatively similar works. For, they are both linked by a common theme that ponders over the concept of war

    For example, "that there is some corner of a foreign field that is forever England". And, that occurred because the poet himself was overwhelmed with thoughts. At the same time, both samples had a steady argument; however, "Dunkirk" started off by a slow build-up to reach a sudden climax. While "the soldier" founded a dramatic opening, followed by a gradual to a calm ending; likewise, both works created a sense of cohesion through the usage of repetition, extended metaphor, and rhetorical devices. As we stated before, both literary samples circulated over the idea of war and patriotism.

    • Word count: 1113

    Al contener nada m�s una estrofa y doce s�labas puede ser considerado un poema corto lo que significa que el poema se puede considerar como un solo bloque de sentido en su totalidad para efectos pr�cticos y una mejor comprensi�n y an�lisis. La rima del poema no es asonante ni consonante, la rima es blanca ya que los versos carecen de rima, es poes�a de verso libre. La carencia de signos de puntuaci�n a trav�s de todo el poema le da un ritmo mucho mas movido y directo, logrando que el lector sienta una ligera facilidad de lectura.

    • Word count: 1687
  20. Comentario de Texto - Un largo Lagarto Verde de Nicols Guillen.

    La intenci�n de este bloque radica en poder entrever la realidad cubana en 1958. El autor hace alusi�n a la postura pol�tica que desenvuelve Cuba hacia esas �pocas. Una postura de soledad pol�tica y regimental independiente, al emerger como el primer estado socialista de am�rica en el siglo XX. Este contexto pol�tico es reflejado cuando Guillen menciona que Cuba se ubica "bajo un sol que la persigue, y el viento que la rechaza" donde quiere hacer una comparaci�n directa con el sol, siendo Estados Unidos, que la ha ido ahuyentando de la coyuntura y mutualidad existente entre las naciones americanas, y el viento siendo la comunidad internacional que le ha dado la espalada.

    • Word count: 1625
  21. How is college life like? This is the question most high school students ask out of curiosity. They wonder if it is completely different from high school. This question was definitely answered for me when I visited San Francisco State University.

    We got our identification cards in a less than an hour, which was impressive. I officially felt like a college student carrying around my own identification card. Furthermore, the presentations regarding how college classes are and how to handle financial aid was beneficial. The people who provided the information really made it clear for me on how to go about college. It helped me calm my nerves down especially about the tuition fees. Continuing on with our itinerary, the guided tour with one of the Project Connect Interns was like an adventure because the intern I got was actually exploring the place herself as well.

    • Word count: 1364
  22. World Literature Assignment Wie wird die Vernderung Meursaults von einem gleichgltigen zu einem bewussten Menschen in Camus "Der Fremde" dargestellt?

    Seine Gleichg�ltigkeit ist es, die ihn von seinen Mitmenschen entfremdet. "Gleichg�ltigkeit (auch Indifferenz) bezeichnet einen Wesenszug des Menschen, welcher Gegebenheiten und Ereignisse hinnimmt, ohne diese zu werten, sich daf�r zu interessieren und ohne sich ein moralisches Urteil dar�ber zu bilden."2 Dies ist eines der Hauptthemen des Romans, da Gleichg�ltigkeit die einzige Charaktereigenschaft ist, die Meursault, welcher der Protagonist ist, beschreibt. Im folgenden werde ich erl�utern, in wiefern sich Meursault im zweiten Teil des Romans zu einem bewussten Menschen ver�ndert. Im ersten Teil des Romans wird dem Leser schnell deutlich gemacht, dass Meursault sich keine Gedanken �ber jegliche seiner Handlungen macht.

    • Word count: 1760
  23. Word Literature Assignment Die Machtlosigkeit des Individuums in der Gesellschaft dargestellt in Frchte des Zorns und Hexenjagd

    Jim Casy ist ein ehemaliger Prediger, der seine T�tigkeit auf Grund von Beziehungen zu M�dchen aufgegeben hat. Diese Beziehungen f�hrten auch dazu, dass er den Glauben an Gott verlor, da er als Priester zum Z�libat verpflichtet ist. Tom Joad ist der Sohn der Farmerfamilie Joad, die von den Grundbesitzern vertrieben wurde und wegen der Suche nach Arbeit nach Kalifornien aufbrach. Tom Joad war wegen Totschlags verurteilt und wurde auf Bew�hrung aus dem Gef�ngnis vorzeitig entlassen. Er und Jim Casy begleiten die Joad's auf dem Weg nach Kalifornien. In Kapitel vier wird der Leser zum ersten Mal Zeuge des Einflusses von Jim Casy auf Tom Joad.

    • Word count: 1710
  24. The story in the prose written by M.G.Vassanji takes place in Tanzania, a country in East Africa where is undeveloped and strict on the religion. Through the use of imagery, diction and punctuations, it concerns the theme of identity,

    This description is like a scene in gangster movies, people are surrounded by others and they start fighting which can get to really scary and violent. As the boy protects his sister, he tries to dash to the direction they come from and step back and forth, but still cannot get out of the circle. They are blocked in checkmate, and wait for their death. The set up of this dramatic action seems random because nothing is introduced yet at this point, but the imagery shows a clear picture of the characters.

    • Word count: 1034
  25. Say it Loud, I am Black and I am Proud

    It felt like I was going round in a circle, my battered tyres skating round the bends and twists of the road. The beam of my headlights scuttled off the icy tarmac and went off into the gloomy sky finally being consumed by the carnivorous looming clouds. I glanced at the clock as it illuminated my face, it read 01:52am. I must have been driving now for the worst part of an hour, deeply regretting not picking up my gloves as I darted out of the house in a rush in the morning.

    • Word count: 1072

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