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International Baccalaureate: Languages

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  1. French Essay

    Je suis dans le Sud de France a le moment avec une famille qui est extr�mement gentille. La vie est tr�s diff�rente l� qu'aux Etas-Unis. Tout le monde est plus calme l� et il prend une sieste chaque jour apr�s le d�jeuner ! C'est vraiment une vie de luxe. Dans L'Etas-Unis chez nous tous les choses passes tr�s rapidement et personne arr�te pour une seconde et respire.

    • Word count: 288
  2. Antigone (Kreon Rede)

    643) oder ,,ihres Vaters Freunde ihre Freunde" (V. 644). Nachdem er den Aspekt der Solidarit�t der Kinder dem Vater gegen�ber behandelt hat, geht er hin�ber dazu, Antigone anzugreifen. Er vergleicht Antigones einfluss auf Haimon mit ,,Weiberreiz und Sinneslust" (V. 649). zudem nennt er sie ein ,,schlechtes Weib" (V. 651). Dies zeigt wie geh�ssig Kreon ist, da er ohne Grund seinen Sohn indirekt angreift, indem er sagt die Verlobte Haimons sei ein ,,schlechtes Weib" (V. 651) nennt. Jedoch bel�sst es Kreon nicht dabei. Er fordert seinen Sohn dar�ber hinaus dazu auf, ,,spei sie aus wie einen b�sen Feind" (V.

    • Word count: 789
  3. Antigone (Kreon Frauen)

    In seinen zwei Reden zwischen Versen 442-581 und Versen 639-765, verdeutlicht er seine Einstellung gegen�ber Frauen und insbesondere gegen�ber Antigone. Vor allem erkennt mann, dass Kreon den Mann h�her stellt als die Frau. ,,Ich w�r nicht der Mann, der Mann w�r sie, Wenn solche Tat ihr ungeahndet bliebe." Dies bezieht sich klar darauf das Kreon glaubt M�nner sind das st�rkere Geschlecht, und wenn Antigone sich durchsetzen w�rde, w�re sie der Mann. Dass Kreon glaubt Frauen w�ren das schw�chere Geschlecht wird auch in Vers 525 deutlich wenn er sagt ,,Solang ich lebe, soll kein Weib regieren".

    • Word count: 786
  4. Things Fall Apart - The fear of failure

    Women in the Ibo culture seem to have something roles analogous to men as they can gain titles and respect too. However, Okwonko discriminates against women only with titles lesser than his. His wives and children are taken less seriously than anyone else of higher titles. When the Christian missionaries came to their land Okwonko held the belief that their religion is evil and opposes his own.

    • Word count: 510
  5. Black Like Me

    He can however show how other people treat blacks and what they think of them. Part of the reason why he can do this is because he isn't black. Because he is white, he already has some previous judgments of blacks and he already has some knowledge of how they were treated. For example, "Though streetcars are not segregated in New Orleans, I took a seat near the back. n*****s there glanced at me without the slightest suspicion or interest." (Pg 16) On the very first night that he goes out as a black, he sits in the back of the bus because he is aware that even though the buses are integrated, that is where n*****s are expected to sit.

    • Word count: 645
  6. Key Passage in One Hundred Years of Solitude

    The ending may seem as an equivocation, but it is so much more. Marquez's use of nature throughout the novel is ironic, because it is nature that eventually murders the town of Macondo, expunging all memories of it. Marquez's use of a third person point of view is very essential to the novel's understanding, because we are able to stand on the outside, and look down upon 100 years worth of time. Throughout this time, the characters are blissfully unaware of their future, living for moments alone. We as readers however, are able to decipher the cyclical writing through Marquez's writing styles and techniques.

    • Word count: 798
  7. In life, people accumulate things that they simply cannot get rid of. These things can be unshakeable memories, people they cant forget, or items that they just dont have the will to toss in the trashcan.

    I feel guilty because I'm glad that it ended for them, that they could stop fighting, because three of the four had diseases. Then I realize that it only ended because they lost their battles. Most of all, I feel the guilt of having the feeling that I never got to know them well enough. When we talk about my grandpa, I realize that I had made incorrect observations about him. I thought that he was shy, that he was really serious.

    • Word count: 900
  8. Comparison of Wilfred Owen and Sigfried Sasson

    Writing has always been a tool for reflecting and commenting on society. During the 20th century many poets reacted to problems in the world with highly emotionally charged poems. The horror of war and the spiritual degradation it inflicts is evident in the work of the World War I poets. Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon were both soldiers and poets. Their poems reflect the loss of innocence and the horrible mental and physical toll World War I inflicted on the world. Both Sassoon and Owen wrote war poetry to inform people of the realities of war.

    • Word count: 1231
  9. Irony in Oedipus

    Ironies are of basically three types; dramatic, situational, and verbal. In dramatic irony the audience knows more about the plot, than the characters acting on stage. In situational irony, there is an event that will turn out to be the opposite of what had been expected.

    • Word count: 528
  10. Female Influences on a Males Reputation

    Blanca Trueba, of The House of the Spirits and Angela Vicario, of Chronicle of a Death Foretold are female characters whose lives greatly involve male's input. Therefore, by comparing the experiences of Blanca Trueba and Angela Vicario, both authors reveal the direct correlation between females' personas and males' reputations. Authors commonly use the names of characters to symbolize the characteristics that they should embrace in their novels.

    • Word count: 526
  11. Paul Marshall Commentary

    Moreover his speech provides a detailed and passionate account about his product. His chocolate "Amo" bar could symbolize his character, as the "Amo Bar" is not filled with substantial cocoa, instead it is a chemically enhanced product. The product is not pure; it is simply a bad imitation of chocolate. Thus this conveys Paul Marshall's character because beneath his wealthy and accomplished exterior there lies a fraud. Hence this accentuates his implicit class division; Paul Marshall remains a mystery. In addition the "Amo Bar" represents Paul Marshall's involvement in the war and he believes he is making a real contribution to the war by aiding the soldiers with chocolate bars.

    • Word count: 781
  12. En el documental "Bowling for Columbine" se relatan una serie de sucesos que ocurrieron en el instituto Columbine,

    La entrevista con Marilyn Manson fue muy interesante. Un cantante que es atacado por la sociedad y declarado culpable demuestra en la entrevista que se preocupa por los j�venes cuando dice: "No les dir�a nada, escuchar�a lo que ellos tienen que decir ya que eso es algo que nadie ha hecho a�n."

    • Word count: 512
  13. Alternative ending to "things fall apart"

    My audience for this is people who just let other people take their place and kill whoever disobeys them. These are located in every place that has terrorism. I think I succeeded in my purpose because I did all that I think will help inspire the oppressed people to claim their rights and never let anyone steal them. I did this by showing how Okonkwo didn't just let the white men do whatever they wanted, but he led his village to victory and peace spread once again in Umuoafia. Alternative Ending In a flash, Okonkwo drew his matchet. The messenger crouched to avoid the blow.

    • Word count: 1104
  14. Lieber Igor, Ich muss dir schreiben, was ich letztens erlebte. Ich habe einen Film im Kino gesehen und fanden eine der Hauptfiguren sehr fruchtbar.

    Sie ist nicht die Schauspielerin, aber ihre Sch�nheit und die Art wie sie spielt macht mich sehr interessiert. Ich mochte diese mit Ihnen teilen und k�nnen wir vielleicht einen anderen Film mit ihrer Teilnahme fernsehen. Erstens ist sie sehr h�bsch und ich konnte nicht auf den Film konzentrieren. Sie hat gro�e Augen, lange dunkle Haare und lange Beine .

    • Word count: 266
  15. Doll's house character transitions

    Due to this, she becomes conscious of her situation of what is going on and her naivety disappears. At first, her naive view of important matters portray her character to be child-like because she simply regarded the people providing loans just as "strangers" "and that nobody cares about them". After her character's development, her seriousness and maturity reach a point where she is finally acting her age. She realises the situation of her marriage, in turn, and understands that she had "never been happy", "only gay". She also comes to comprehend that she had simply been "Torvald's doll-wife".

    • Word count: 688
  16. Commentary on "Hawk"

    The narrator asserts his belief that nature has created perilous creatures, such as the 'Hawk' which is detrimental to the society. Consequently, the third person narrative voice is very effective to provide Witt's thoughts. The poem is broken down in eight stanzas each are a quatrain. Additionally, the rhyme scheme is a somewhat ABAB throughout the poem. The consistency in the syntax and rhyme scheme suggests the hawk is flying swiftly not too fast, creating a humble if not imperturbable tone and mood.

    • Word count: 1187
  17. French A2 IB - paper 1. Voitures

    Le premier texte est d�montr� un ph�nom�ne sociologique. Une r�flexion sur les grands dangers et s�curit� de la voiture. L'auteur souhaite nous communiquez ce que la voiture repr�sente dans notre soci�t� d'aujourd'hui. M�me si de nos jours les voitures sont consid�r�es comme une " belle libert� que nous avons conquise " ici l'auteur pr�f�re nous montrez un autre cot� de cette soit dis en " libert� ". Ces voitures nous offres une libert�, mais " une libert� surveill�e ! ". Ce qui peut �tre vue � travers la longue liste �num�rant toute les fausses impressions de libert� ; " Et les contr�les - contr�le des papiers, barrage de police, contr�le des voitures, alcootest, espionnage du radar...

    • Word count: 759
  18. La Basilique Saint-Pierre

    Mais quand vous �tes � l'int�rieur, vous voyez beaucoup de statues, de tableaux magnifiques, etcetera. La basilique est situ�e au Vatican, sur la rive droite du Tibre, un fleuve tr�s connu, et sa fa�ade s'ouvre sur la place Saint-Pierre. La premi�re basilique a �t� cr��e par la volont� de Constantin, le premier empereur chr�tien, au IV si�cle. Mais en 1505, le Pape Jules II a d�cid� de d�molir l'ancien b�timent pour construire � la place un b�timent plus vaste et plus moderne. Ce projet a donn� lieu � un concours d'architectes. Les travaux ont dur� environnement cent vingt ans.

    • Word count: 795
  19. Discuss the Function of Ross in Macbeth

    Thus, Duncan is fulfilling the witches prophecy, 'what he hath lost, noble Macbeth hath won,' this line reflects the witches prophecy in Act I Scene i where the witches say 'when the battle's lost, and won'. Ross is of further importance in the following scene, Act I Scene iii as he is the one to pass on the message form King Duncan informing Macbeth of his new title of 'Thane of Cawdor' and says 'hail most worthy thane, for it is thine.'

    • Word count: 758
  20. What sort of world do the people of Salem inhabit?

    One of the themes of the play is betrayal, and this goes along with the general idea of intolerance. As Puritanists, the people of Salem were fairly theocratic which caused them to be suspicious of their neighbours and what witchcraft related activites they may be conducting. Because of the suspicions 'people were being torn apart, their loyalty to one another crushed,' and 'the trials took precedence over all other activities.' Reverend Parris, despite being a priest, is not a very well respected man in Salem. His character is driven by his selfishness and insecurities. This can be seen in the beginnings of Act One where he is found praying and crying over his daughter, Betty, as shown in Miller's stage directions Parris 'is overcome with sobs'.

    • Word count: 724
  21. Persuasive speech - legalising marijuana

    HEALTH Marijuana provides relief from pain and nausea of cancer and AIDS patients and other symptoms for many individuals who have not been treated successfully with conventional medications. Even queen victoria used the resin extracts from hemp to eleviate her menstrual cramps. ECONOMY A regulated, legal market in marijuana would reduce marijuana sales and use among teenagers, as well as reduce their exposure to other drugs in the illegal market. Legalized marijuana would reduce the flow of money from a country's economy to criminal gangs.

    • Word count: 666
  22. "Bleak House" Commentary

    This shows us just how much mud and grime there is, and how dirty everything is. Another aspect in this passage is the dreariness and the bleak environment. This is expressed in the line 'Foot-passengers, jostling one another's umbrellas, in a general infection of ill temper, and losing their foot-hold at street-corners, where tens of thousands of other foot passengers have been slipping and sliding since the day broke (if this day ever broke), adding new deposits to the crust upon crust of mud...' Firstly, the line 'jostling one another's umbrellas' suggests that the place is so overcrowded and uncomfortable that people are all bumping into each other, and that their 'ill temper' is spread like

    • Word count: 1122
  23. Ian McEwan's "Atonement" - Briony's personality

    a deep window ledge consisted of the usual animals, but all facing one way -towards their owner" We must note that words such as "posessed" suggest that this desire is very strong. It is also very unusual for a child to organize his/her toys this way. It reminds me of autistic children, who like to arrange their toys, usually according to their sizes. Love of order Naturally, with a love for control, she has a great love of order, which is reflected in her regret of not having written a story for Leon, and going for a play, which resulted

    • Word count: 1075
  24. Leadership. For me my hero is Barack Obama. He is a leader no matter what he does. Whether sitting in the oval office and directing people, or on an overseas trip to Iraq, he is truly a true leader who works to improve the lives of others.

    What we do everyday to make the world a better place is being a leader. Picking up garbage in the school's playground and than having younger students following is being a leader. Simple things make you a leader, but the whole world does not have to reward you for the good that you have done. We humans tend to usually look for things that stick out, but what we don't know is every human being is making a difference in their own homes.

    • Word count: 899
  25. John Steinbeck's Theme in East of Eden

    From youth Cathy has followed a life of perversion, violence, and prostitution. She corrupted young boys, instigated her Latin teacher's suicide, burnt her parents to death in their house, shot her husband Adam, abandoned her twin sons for prostitution, and murdered Faye, who loved her like daughter and willed her brothel to her. Steinbeck creates Cathy's character as the true embodiment of evil, which is picked up on by Louis Owens who says that, "If we pay close attention to the process taking place here, we should become aware that we are being allowed to watch as the character's form rises quite clearly out of the artist's conception of that character.

    • Word count: 1246

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