Arguing in favour of more searches of individuals by the Canadian police.

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Opening Statement

My name is Hamza, and this is Daniel and we are here to tell you about how search and seizures protect our society. Simply because the citizen being searched has a decent chance of possessing illegal drugs as relating to the article, cigarettes and alcohol, items that may be used as weapons or may cause bodily harm. Everyone is secure from search and seizure but can still be a threat to society. We believe that making it legal to search people will not only protect society and keep it safe but it will also reduce youth crime rate.

1st Argument

Firstly, we believe that random searches are necessary to ensure the safety of our Canadian citizens; especially in learning environments where children are present. We also believe that section 8 in the charter of rights should be modified to ensure the safety of all citizens of Canada. Section 7 states that “Everyone has the right to security.” For an officer of the law to do his job and keep the public safe he would have to go against section 8 of the charter of rights. This is why it should be modified. We also have reason to believe this because the individual being searched could be concealing various illegal items, such as weapons, drugs, alcohol, or stolen property. Although it is a possibility that someone has a weapon, there should be a proper format to follow for searches. For example, in a school environment we believe there should be a police officer, a teacher and a principle present before any searches take place. Students can sometimes bring illegal items to school creating a threat against other students. This can make the school environment unsafe for teachers and students. My point is simple and straightforward; we believe it is better to be proactive before crimes are committed. For example, just two days ago a boy brought a gun and a knife to his school in Ohio. He killed 3 random students and wounded 2. This could have been prevented with ease if thorough search and seizure laws were enforced, eliminating people from pain and suffering. These three high school students could have potentially been your friends or family. For your own protection let the officers of the law do their job and search the citizens of Canada, you will find that modifying section 8 will be beneficial for all Canadian citizens. In my opinion, I would think twice about random search and seizure, simply because this procedure can prevent a potential crime before it is committed.

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2nd Argument

Secondly, Section 8 should be modified as other rights and freedoms are protected due to the proper search and seizure process. As principals have administrative regulations they must follow during student search and seizure. These include what the principal can seize, who else has to be present while the search in going on and what happens to the student if he fails to co-operate etc. Also, research shows that 80% searches are caused because of evidence or witnesses, 13% are due to previous records and only 7% are caused by “unknown” sources. This relates to the article as ________ ...

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