Deena Kamels "A Language Without Limits" Commentary Piece

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A Language Without Limits Commentary Piece - Melanie Ngai  (Y12R)

This passage from Deena Kamel’s A Language Without Limits revolves around the world of how language is changing throughout the world and the different variations of language.    This article is a relatively informal article discussing the needs for mixing other languages with English. As said in the quote “Increasingly spiced with flavours from foreign languages” presents a quick appeal to the readers of the Toronto Star paper by adding the word ‘spice’, which has connections to many South Asian countries, such as India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, which is mentioned frequently throughout the passage with references to Hinglish (Hindi English).

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Language is always changing and the purpose of this text, is to inform us about the changes in languages around the world. For example, using English and Hindi/Chinese/Arab language to make Hinglish, Chinglish and Arabizi.  The author mentions that this "code switching" is liked by the language experts, saying "It is perfectly normal and linguistically fascinating..".  Instead of being incomplete or just a "copy" of the English Language, experts mention that this language is really a sign of resiliency and creativity. Some even say that they feel like code switching is part of their daily life, and they don’t ...

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