Doll's house character transitions

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Tuesday 7th October 2008

Writing Assignment #2

Choose two characters from the play and focus on their transitions

throughout the story. Where were they characteristically at the beginning,

middle and end of the play? Use specific references from the text.

In “A Doll’s House” by Henrik Ibsen, most characters undergo transitions that are

seen occurring between the beginning and the end of the play.

Nora’s character experiences the biggest transitions in the play without a doubt. This

is the most surprising change for the audience. The majority of it is revealed in the last

scene of Act Three.

At one point, she suddenly becomes serious and mature. Due to this, she becomes

conscious of her situation of what is going on and her naivety disappears. At first, her naive

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view of important matters portray her character to be child-like because she simply

regarded the people providing loans just as “strangers” ”and that nobody cares about

them”. After her character’s development, her seriousness and maturity reach a point

where she is finally acting her age. She realises the situation of her marriage, in turn, and

understands that she had “never been happy”, “only gay”. She also comes to comprehend

that she had simply been “Torvald’s doll-wife”. She even informs Torvald that they have

“never exchanged a serious word on any serious subject” “for eight whole years” of their

married life. ...

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