Forgotten Music -the benefits of Classical Music

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Forgotten Music

        Too many people think that classical music is boring and old-fashioned: it has disappeared among us. Since the early 1920s, people have stopped listening to classical music, but many seem to forget that you can achieve much by only listening to it. People should stop thinking that classical music is hard to listen to and start to consider its positive effects.

        In the early 1900s, classical music was a popular genre. Some of the most famous classical musicians included J.S. Bach, W. Amadeus Mozart, and Ludwig van Beethoven. A lot of people have forgotten classical music these days because of modern music. Steady beats are now considered boring, when they actually help us. Other reasons as to why someone might prefer modern music is because it may cause sleepiness from those who listen to it for the first time. Classical music has become an old-fashioned, boring topic to talk about or to listen to. People do not know the power of classical music, or, how just by listening to it, it positively affects us.

Does music always have a positive effect on us? The answer is yes, but it depends on the genres of music. Sometimes it varies between individuals, too, for example: modern music. “Modern music does not provide the right balance of rhythm and melody… it does not have the correct effect on a person’s brain” (Maglione, "Effect of Classical Music on the Brain"). Loud and unsteady beats can be distracting to one who is trying to concentrate or study. According to a study conducted, “[classical music]… can be a bit distracting when attempting to concentrate on an exam or complex mental task” (Beckett, “Effects of Classical Music on Concentration”). Effects of music are shown in plants and animals also. When listening to classical music hens laid more eggs, cats relaxed easier, and cows were able to produce more milk. An experiment done with plants also showed similar results. Plants growing with classical music in the background grew faster and healthier than those listening to rock music. Plants growing with rock music in the background mostly died quickly. Not all kinds of music have positive effects on us or nature, but classical music turns out to be beneficial for us to listen to.

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        Many articles and research support the idea that classical music has positive effects on our concentration. There are a lot more positive effects on us also. “Classical Music has the tendency to calm the body and stimulate the mind because its rhythm matches typical body functions, like the heartbeat and breathing”, which makes your mind clear so you can concentrate more easily. (Beckett, “Effects of Classical Music on Concentration”) When you can concentrate on one thing, you can learn it fast. “Classical music decreases tension… and music enhances spatial IQ by increasing short and long-term memory.” Just by listening to ...

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