Graduation Speech

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Graduation Speech

Here we are. Ready to start on our next journey., and I can gladly say that we laughed until we had to cry, we loved right down to our last goodbye.

We thank all of our families, friends, and teachers because it took you all to get us this far.

School is not just about learning facts, it is about socializing, developing opinions, juggling extra-curricular activities – with academics, finding laughter in situations that don't seem funny at the moment.  

I remember this one time in health class where we had to write all our pains, problems, and predicaments we faced in life on the smart-board.  Although, letting our private bubble was slow at shrinking first, we eventually all had something to say and write.  During that class, I realized that I wasn’t alone and in an odd way it made me learn about the things I didn’t even know about myself.

The young faces in this room represent times when our biggest worries were Barbie and Ken’s wedding, GI Joe’s missing arm, and why we had to eat vegetables at dinner again. Looking at ourselves today, sometimes we, wish we could go back to such carefree days. But at the same time, moving on with our lives, making new memories, and gaining independence have become exciting realities that were once ideas that seemed so far away. Since sixth grade we have counted down the days until graduation. Now as the day approaches we are still anxious, but somewhat nervous. The faces in these pictures remind us of the people we once were and still are, the friends we have grown up with and also whom we will graduate with. Surviving the past 9 years wasn’t easy, but in that time we had some of the best experiences of our lives. Those times are what made it worthwhile.

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Parents, remember when your worst fear was that your child would / or could not be potty-trained? Or learn the ABC and spell our name.  Well, we are all potty-trained and I can happily say we’ve all mastered the way ‘English’ goes. Keep believing in us and realize there are going to be a few incidents or accidents that may seem like a set-back. They are not. They are just hurdles that we have to master. . First we graduate preschool, kindergarten, and now ninth grade, hopefully in the future high school, and finally college/university. The road has been easy ...

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