Home school vs. public school - argumentative essay.

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Home school vs. Public school


Sara Ammoun

Work presented to Mrs. Lecourtois

For the course of

English Grade 11 (EAE3UA-04)

Collège catholique Franco-Ouest

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Students attend public schools not only to acquire skills in various fields of study but also to make friends and interact with them in different environments. However, some students have special needs either physically, intellectually, socially or emotionally and lean to home schooling as an alternative. Public schools have much more of an advantage than home schools. It is believed so because of the curriculum, timetable and social skills. The curriculum has a large influence on the different learning methods of public schools and home schools.

To begin, there are differences between the curriculum found in public schools and the curriculum used for home scholars. These differences have an impact on the way students are being educated. Students studying in public schools go through a curriculum that is applied everywhere across a province in Canada for instance. It is regulated and has proven to be quite successful. A curriculum is “a course of study designed to result in a specific set of learning outcomes”[1]. In public schools in Ontario, a specific curriculum must be followed in order for students to go through all the subjects, methotology and materials they must aknowledge for future studies in university or college. But, for home schools following the ontario curriculum is not required, this is stated in the government's home schooling policy document[2], it cautions school board officials to;

“recognize that the methodology, materials, schedules, and assessment techniques used by parents who provide home schooling may differ from those used by educators in the school system. For example, the parent may not be following the Ontario curriculum, using standard classroom practices in the home, or teaching within the standard school day or school year”.

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For home schoolers there are also certain alternatives to the Ontario curriculum, originally used for public schools, such as having to follow the curriculum of another province, follow a curriculum that is still structured in terms of grade but is faith-based instead of secular and the curriculum is custom made by the family for the child, this can be a benefit for home schoolers but also a negative because in  public schools you are given a curriculum to follow so that when the student begins working understands that having to follow authority and direction is a must and the student ...

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