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IB English Paper 1 Practice - Text As Gender bias starts before a candidate is even hired and Text Bs New Study Exposes Gender Bias In Tech Job Listings are both feature articles regarding the issue of gender-bias language in job listings

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Text A: Gender bias ?starts before a candidate is even hired? Text B: New Study Exposes Gender Bias In Tech Job Listings Text A?s ?Gender bias ?starts before a candidate is even hired?? and Text B?s ?New Study Exposes Gender Bias In Tech Job Listings? are both feature articles regarding the issue of gender-bias language in job listings and its negative effects. Text A is an article written in November of 2017 in a UK based news publication website called People Management. From the name of the publication and ?related articles? provided through hyperlinks at the foot of the page, it can be inferred that this news publication specifically targets millennials who are business men or women, and that their articles often address contemporary issues encompassing the workplace environment. Text B, on the other hand, is an article written a while back in March of 2013 in a business section of an American news publication website called Wired. From the name of the publication, their advertisement which has a picture of a group of robots smiling up at an iPhone, and the name of the hyperlinks that leads to other articles on the website, it can be inferred that this publication is usually read by tech-savvy audience. ...read more.


In fact, the tags attached on the bottom of the article are ?developers?, ?enterprise?, ?women in tech?, ?research? and ?work? and only two tags out of five tags, namely ?research? and ?work?, are not directly relevant to the primary audience of Wired. These tags narrows the target audience even more from the webpage?s initial audience; it suggests that this specific article is for employees in tech companies who are looking for diversity and inclusion in their workplace. Similar to Text A, Text B keeps its information relevant and applicable to their target audience through their selection of secondary sources: since Wired is an American publisher, it provides statistics on the percentage of women engineers who are specifically in the US, and since it is for people working with technology, it provides quotations from other people working in that field such as Etsy CTO Kellan Elliott-McCrea, and software manager Shanley Kane. Although written for different audiences, the two text?s adaptability for their specific context achieves similar effect of raising urgency of the issue and making the audience want to take action. The contrasting context and audience also effects the way texts present their information and structuralize their article. ...read more.


This sets a rather serious tone that makes the audience feel as if this article should be taken seriously with a composed manner. It is even possible for younger audiences to be reluctant to read articles from the website at all due to its dullness. The webpage design allows the publication to strictly carry out its sole purpose of informing a serious issue in the business world. Text B, on the other hand, is garnished with bright green header embellished with an eye-catching logo, selective picture that illustrates the topic of the article, and font that is larger and trendier than Text A?s. These are all stark contrasts from Text A?s minimalistic design. Text B?s ascetically pleasing web page design sets a joyous mood that reflects the website?s contemporary and casual spirit that carries out not only informative but also entertainment purposes. Based on the modernistic design, it can also be interpreted that the website attracts mostly younger audiences, who are the most likely to be tech-savviest. The different nature of the two publication can explain the different format of the two articles; Text A writes of the gendered language issue in businesses sector as a whole, while Text B focuses specially on businesses in the field of technology. ...read more.

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