IB English Paper 1 Practice - Text As Gender bias starts before a candidate is even hired and Text Bs New Study Exposes Gender Bias In Tech Job Listings are both feature articles regarding the issue of gender-bias language in job listings

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Text A:

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Text A’s “Gender bias ‘starts before a candidate is even hired’” and Text B’s “New Study Exposes Gender Bias In Tech Job Listings” are both feature articles regarding the issue of gender-bias language in job listings and its negative effects. Text A is an article written in November of 2017 in a UK based news publication website called People Management. From the name of the publication and “related articles” provided through hyperlinks at the foot of the page, it can be inferred that this news publication specifically targets millennials who are business men or women, and that their articles often address contemporary issues encompassing the workplace environment. Text B, on the other hand, is an article written a while back in March of 2013 in a business section of an American news publication website called Wired. From the name of the publication, their advertisement which has a picture of a group of robots smiling up at an iPhone, and the name of the hyperlinks that leads to other articles on the website, it can be inferred that this publication is usually read by tech-savvy audience. Although the two texts share the same dual purpose of informing readers about the perils of gender-bias words in job listings as well as persuading companies to omit the use of those words in the job listings, the two texts differ greatly in the way they approach their thesis due to the difference in their context and target audience.

Difference of primary audience between the two texts causes difference in focus of the two articles. Being a UK based news publication specifically focused on office related issues, Text A’s chief audience is general working class of British people. The hyperlinks on the bottom of the page which leads to different articles of the publication such as “Why sex discrimination claims aren’t just for women”, and “The perils of dismissing a pregnant employee”, it can reasonably be said that People Management is a publication source that cares for and is in favor of social equality and diversity in workplace. This suggests that the readers of the medium are also a caring community of people who are generally educated and socially awake. This helps the text to carry out its secondary purpose that goes beyond its primary purpose of informing the readers about the issue of gender-biased language: it stirs action against the common malpractice in job offerings and convinces the readers to create change for the better. Text A also raise relevance to its thesis by providing information that are relevant to the target audience. Since their publication is UK based, it mentions different regions in UK and their differences in gender-biased job descriptions. By revealing a specific region where male-biased language is the most apparent, namely London, the article alarms people to take action, especially those residing in the specific location or is in close proximity of it. The article also present interviews from people working in firms located in UK, such as Chloe Chambraud, gender equality director at Business in the Community, and Elisabeth Kynaston, employment lawyer at BP Collins, indicating to the readers how factual the issue is. By raising relevancy of the issue, the text elucidates the urgency of the issue calls for immediate action.        

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While Text B is similar with Text A in a way that it is written with the purpose of exposing more people to the problem of gendered words in job advertisements and convincing people to use more gender-neutral words in it, it differs in a way that it narrows its focus on people who are specifically working in technological fields. Although the given article is published in the business section of the website, Wired itself is predominately read by people such as programmers or innovators who are interested in keeping up with the fast growing technology in the modern world. ...

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