Martin Luther King Speech Pastiche

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Speech Pastiche

In this piece I am hoping to copy the literary techniques displayed my Martin Luther King Junior in his piece “I Have a Dream.” I am mostly focusing on copying the repetition and inclusive language in his piece. There is a lot of repetition in the speech particularly at the beginning of sentences; Also, Martin Luther King used inclusive language to share a sense of unity in his speech which makes for a great effect on the audience. This inclusive language is shown throughout his speech with words such as “we” and “us” and “together.” I am going to attempt to replicate these two techniques in my piece while I discuss the effect of modern technology on language usage and how one should fight against this deteriorating use of language. I will use repetition and inclusive language to create a persuasive speech that is meant to convince developers of technology to prevent simple language usage such as slang.  I would like to write about modern technology and how it influences our language because I am very much affected by this, as I have been from birth. Technology is part of my daily life and this definitely changes the way I use language and how I convey my thoughts. Because of this reason I am intrigued to write my speech based around technology.

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Modern Language Usage

Modern technology is affecting our lives in many ways, some of which we aren’t even aware. Our language usage has changed greatly due to the development of communication in many ways; moreover, it has changed the way we use language and we have become lazy with our writing. Rather than writing complete sentences we shorten down our sentences to make our lives easier. We shorten down our sentences because we refuse to take an extra ten seconds of our lives to form a grammatically correct sentence. We shorten down our sentences because ...

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