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Martin Luther King Speech Pastiche

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´╗┐Speech Pastiche Learning outcomes Topic(s) Course Section Text type of task Title of the task I will learn how to apply techniques used in other pieces and speeches in my own writing. Modern technology and how it is affecting society?s usage of language. Part I: Language in a cultural context Speech Pastiche Modern Language Usage In this piece I am hoping to copy the literary techniques displayed my Martin Luther King Junior in his piece ?I Have a Dream.? I am mostly focusing on copying the repetition and inclusive language in his piece. There is a lot of repetition in the speech particularly at the beginning of sentences; Also, Martin Luther King used inclusive language to share a sense of unity in his speech which makes for a great effect on the audience. This inclusive language is shown throughout his speech with words such as ?we? and ?us? and ?together.? I am going to attempt to replicate these two techniques in my piece while I discuss the effect of modern technology on language usage and how one should fight against this deteriorating use of language. ...read more.


Modern slang includes short words such as ?sup? and ?u? as well which actually mean ?What?s up? and ?you.? This is merely 2 examples of thousands and they are used daily by people who send text messages and write chat messages using modern communication tools. This usage of slang is decaying society?s language and in a couple of years we will see the president of the United States saying ?lol? which stands for laugh out loud in one of his speeches. If we don?t change the way we write or speak, even when conversing informally, we will see dramatic changes in the future of our world. There is a solution to this problem though. If we stick to common writing and use professional language even when communicating in a leisurely situation, we can save ourselves from the infection that eats at our education. The majority of the people that write using slang are teenagers and young adults; informing them of the reality that our future will be drastic if we do not change our frequent incorrect use of language is an important first step toward solving this world-wide mess. ...read more.


The earth today revolves around business, it is as important to our life as the sun; if we didn?t understand the sun, we could not use it advantageously. Similarly, if one doesn?t understand how to act in the business world, one will not be able to take advantage of the business opportunities that may arise around one?s life. If we make sure that our younger generation communicates using only professional language, we will assure them a minimum of success in their future. We will guarantee that the future of the growing technology will not harm the world we have created. We will guarantee that no language shall decay to an unprofessional level. We will guarantee, ladies and gentlemen, that our legacy will be carried on and that we can be assured that the future of our land will continue to grow positively without language as barrier of growth. With this, we know what the problem is and we know what we need to do to fix it. ...read more.

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