Name: Le Hoang Long

Grade 12

English IV

Draft for Reflective Essay

As the earphones filled my ears with wonder I could feel nothing more than the ecstasy I was in. It was as if nothing else in the world mattered. At that time I could feel nothing more than the shadows that covered my heart, but the music I heard inspired me in such a way that no one else could understand the way I felt. I was beautiful, the world was beautiful, and nothing else could possibly be as beautiful as the way I feel. When I stopped the music, I became quiet, the world became quiet, and everything simply stopped. This is the only time I can say that I truly heard music.

I used to be very social, very active, like a fish in the gigantic ocean. I used to have lots of friends, and a girlfriend who I was deeply in love with. That love story last for a year. We broke up after a year, when I still loved her so much. I became a silent boy and cut all the connections with friends as same as outside world. It was a hurricane came and almost drowned me and in this violent raging storm and I lost my way. I clung to music as if it was a raft for life, as if it was a key for me to make it up living in this world. Somehow it worked. Not just worked, but worked well.

Join now!

After a long summer … I came back to school.

It was my first day at school and I all I can remember was the first moment I put on my headphones and pressed play on my blue Sony Walkman, which later became my joy. The album playing was “Crush” by Bon Jovi and each song became instantly carved into my memory. It felt like it was a whole new world and I finally opened my eyes and just stepped into this fantasy world and everything else around me lost its importance.

It was a feeling that just took everything ...

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