Music and Ethnicity

By: Mohammed Shebli- 001525


Task: To write an informative piece of journalistic writing. You need to mention and focus on how ethnicity is represented in music; However, this should not be the only thing you mention.

     What is Music? Some define it as emotions being sang. Other say it is a tool for entertainment. Music is the representation of thoughts, emotions, and experience. It varies from different genres of rap, rock, country…etc. to different purposes such as wedding songs, birthday songs, church and religious music, to music of sadness or victory such as the songs sang by slaves in America in the last century. It is used since the crack of dawn as an effective technique to send an idea or a thought. What makes it so effective is that not just lyrics create the emotion, but rhythm and sound too.

       As the music industry developed, new genres were added. Rap was one of these genres that were appealing to Afro-American since the late 1980's till this day. Rap is extremely similar to poetry and so each song evokes different thoughts.

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    Rap is used to rise-up different kinds of ideas. Many popular rap music promote greed, hedonism and violence. Why is it OK that the most popular rap features young black men, for the most part, celebrating the "thug life" and "keeping it real"? With all the different forms of rap music out there, why is this version so popular.  In the song "Still Dre" by Dr. Dre. He says, "Still, puffing my leafs", "Treat my rap like Cali weed, I smoke till I sleep". These kinds of lyrics will build the image of negative life of African-Americans, and it will affect ...

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