Overview of an advertisement for Antigua.

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        Overview of an advertisement        

The author of this article, expressed on the website “Wheretostay,com”, about Antigua, has used a good combination of structure and layout to make this message persuasive to the reader. The article is very well structured and it looks good to the eye, it catches our imagination by its construction with many paragraphs, separating each of the interesting facts about Antigua. There are no more than seven stanzas in each paragraph, and this makes it easy for the reader to quickly skim through the article and find the most interesting facts to read about, according to his or hers taste.

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The sender of this text is a holiday bureau; the massage is a getaway holiday to islands with many beaches, fun, and views, the receiver of the message is people from the middle to the upper class whom are looking for a holiday getaway.  

The information given throughout the passage is well balanced, in order for the reader to not stop half way in, in the articles, and keep on reading. The writer starts off by grabbing the attention of the reader, by stating “The twin-island nation of Antigua & Barbuda, the largest and most developed tourist destination in ...

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