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Reading, Stealing, and Writing Like a Writer by Wendy Bishop, a successful writer, reveals some insights about how to compose a good essay.

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Reading, Stealing, and Writing Like a Writer by Wendy Bishop, a successful writer, reveals some insights about how to compose a good essay. Instead of focusing on the overall structure of an essay, she takes her concentration into the sentence level. Unlike a student writer, Wendy Bishop reads sentence is a unique way. "I find sentences to be sculptural, like clay, sometimes things that writers bend, shape, and mold to their purpose" (Bishop). She sees writing an essay as creating an artwork where every piece of component has its own place. Similarly as making an artwork with clay, one should throw out any unnecessary wordings and sentences so that the essay can be clear and concise. Moreover, as one can use clay to structure different sharp that fits in the entire artwork, Wendy Bishop realizes that sentences have the same function. ...read more.


Hence, to write a good essay, we need to be creative, instead of following the regular writing rules, we need to build up our own writing style. In conclusion, to accomplish a successful writing one needs to keep revising the essay, and more importantly in a sentence level. After reading Reading, Stealing, and Writing Like a Writer, I reckon that I have done a lot of practice similar to Wendy Bishop's suggestions and I think they are very helpful and inspiring for the wiring and thinking process. I learned how to read like a writer from reading The Big Sea by Langston Hughes. From a particular chapter the Salvation, I notice that the importance of using short sentence to help emphasis that I want to express in my essay. By "stealing" his technique I know to use a short sentence after a paragraph of longer compounded complex sentences, so that I can make my main point clear to the reader. ...read more.


I want my reader to understand my character is hard working. So I used long sentences to describe the surrounding, and use short sentence to emphasize that he is the few of people in the Evan Building leaves office late. By taking the class of CWR1A, I learned how to compose a better essay then I used to. As an international student, English is my second language. I have difficulties understanding the course martial and express my thoughts in my essay. By learning all kinds of the techniques in this class, have become a better writer and thinker. I know how to close read a text, and drawing out the information hidden inside between the passages. I also learn to use different writing techniques to express my thoughts precisely on the paper. As I kept on writing and revising, I gradually fell in love with this process. I truly appreciate how CW R1A is designed and conducted. By presenting me different skills though out course, I have become a capable writer and thinker. ...read more.

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