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Seamus Heaney-Digging

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Seamus Heaney Anthology -Analysis on "Digging" In this poem "Digging"of Seamus Heaney the author was inspired while reminiscing his father and grandfather at work- digging. Heaney constantly show admiration for his elders and expresses a confessional and self-deprecated attitude towards them because he wishes become as good as his father and grandfather at digging but he does not posses the ability to do so. The poem is written in free verse and divided into eight stanzas, the first and last stanza reveals the speaker's thought after seeing he elders at work. The second to sixth stanza are visual imageries portraying his father and grandfather at work at work yet there is a significant shift in the tone at the end of seventh stanza as the speaker reflects upon the scenes. ...read more.


Heaney's use of words to describe himself such as "squat" and "sloppily"and confessing "But I have no spades to follow men like them" puts a further emphasize on the idea of self-deprecation. Following and breaking free from family heritage are the themes for this poem. The authors portrays a comparison between his father and grandfather to himself. Although the author holds a admiration towards his family tradition which is potato farming symbolized by his father and grandfather but at the same time he wishes to break free from the chain of family heritage. The author wishes to write as good with a pen as his father and grandfathers can dig with a spade. Heaney's use of auditory imagery and onomatopoeia, word choices and allusion to a actual place all contributed to convey the author's admiration towards his father and grandfather. ...read more.


The poem had a consonance impact on me because I have the same attitude towards my parents as the author. My father did not go to college yet he worked shedding blood and sweat to reach where the point of success he has today. Where he has enough fortune to provide me with a good education. He is an entrepreneur thus he had been teaching me concepts of economy and wishes me to go into the fields of finance. Though I respect his work and his teaching but i know I don't have the same attitude and abilities towards working as him. Therefore, I want to pave my on path down the road of life and going into the fields of arts since they are my biggest interests or possibly combing arts and the concepts of economy and enter the advertising industry. ...read more.

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