Through Siddhartha’s Eyes         Siddhartha is a story by Hermann Hesse about a young man, Siddhartha, who is on a quest for self discovery and completion.  The novel describes Siddhartha’s search for the meaning of life.  Unfortunately the meaning of life is not easy to find and Siddhartha encounters several conflicts during his journey.  However, these conflicts only make his success even greater.  Through his viewpoint the reader can fully appreciate the conflicts Siddhartha encounters and his success despite these encounters during his maturation.         Siddhartha undergoes three struggle, which the reader gets a first had account of.  The
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first set of struggles are inner conflicts and conflicts with society.  Through Siddhartha’s the reader can easily see Kamala is the catalyst for Siddhartha’s inner-conflict struggle.  After all it is Kamala who corrupts Siddhartha by teaching him how to gamble and lust, which “his heart rejoiced” (28) after their meeting.  Through Siddhartha we can see his character lessens due to this and his moral and intellectual achievements begin to come undone.  Siddhartha also encounters Vasudeva, who teaches Siddhartha to listen to the river’s voices.  Via Siddhartha the reader learns of the mystical powers of the “beautiful” (55) river, the river ...

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