11/09/08 ANIMAL FARM BY-GEORGE ORWELLThe 'Animal Farm' written by George Orwell is a satirical allegory of Soviet totalitarisim. He effectively communicates the development and emergence of Soviet Communism through an animal fable. A democratic socialist himself he draws a parallel to the events that took place under the leadership of Stalin who according to him was more of a dictator than a socialist leader.The story talks about how animal revolutionaries oust human power and oppression. The intent is to convey that with no human overpowering them all animals would be equal. Through the story one comes to realize disparities of class, status and intelligence corrupt many animals mind. Superiority complexes, lies, threats manipulate and twist the ideologies for some animals. The pigs and dogs are the ones who do no work and benefit the most, taking advantage of the other animals of the farm.Likewise, Stalin's tyrannical rule and eventual abandonment of the underlying principles of the Russian Revolution; socialism is aptly conveyed by the author. He wisely depicts the pigs as many Russian Rulers like Napoleon for Stalin, Snowball for Trotsky and Old Major for Karl Marx. During the narration Napoleon like Stalin turns to a more violent government against the theory of Animalism that strongly believed that all animals are equal. The hypocrisy of Napoleon as a dictator against liberty, equality and fraternity eventually resulted in a pointless rebellion. Orwell thus skillfully criticizes the Stalinist regime and propagates his thought of democratic socialism which according to him can lead to happiness.By using animals to tell the story Orwell symbolizes the Russian Revolution. His element of
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socialism is a pig called Old Major as Karl Marx, the founding father of Marxism or Socialism.Old Major was considered as a 'pure bred' of the pigs present on the farm. He was described as a fatherly figure to all animals. He was their friend, philosopher and guide. They held him in very high esteem. Even after his death they continued to salute him everyday. "Old Major was so highly regarded on the farm that everyone was quite ready to loose an hour of sleep in order to hear what he had to say." (Pg-9). Old Major initiated Animalism as ...

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