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What is a Real Friendship

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Rahime Senturk No: 860199 Group: 5 What is a Real Friendship? According to everybody, a friend is explained in a friend in a different way. Sometimes, friend is faithful for a person who has been betrayed. Sometimes, friend can be shared all of the fellings for a person who hasn't got any friends. Sometimes, friend doesn't let you alone. There are two kinds of friends-the present ones and the old ones. The present friends are those with whom we interact on a day to day basis. We often depend on them for help with our problems and help them with theirs. They are those with whom we spend most of our time with. ...read more.


There is nothing like their absence to remind us of them. We never really realize how many friends we have until; somehow, we are made to part. Old friends are the best, or so the saying goes. There really is nothing like the reunion between old friends. Their sudden presence is what makes our hearts leap. They bring with them the memories of the old days. There really is no better antidepressant. The warm hugs you exchange on meeting, the of things long thought to be forgotten suddenly spring up in your conversation as if it just happened yesterday, reliving those embarrassing moments that nobody else knows...really, nothing like it. ...read more.


The commander said that his friend had already died. The soldier insisted on going. The commander let him go. After ten minutes they came back to his shelter. The commander examined the wounded soldier and he decided that he had already died. And he said to the soldier that he had died. The soldier said that he hadn't died yet when he reached there. It is the most valuable thing that he had heard his last sentence in the world. And he repeated his friend's last sentence to his commander. The last sentence was "I knew that you would come." Consequently, we should choose our friends very carefully. We should appreciate and value all friendships that come into our lives, no matter how deep or superficial. We should always remember that all best friends started out as just acquaintances. ...read more.

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