What is the purpose of Gregors metamorphosis?

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Nguyen, Haian

August 14, 2009

IB English

Mr. Lim

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In this composition, I plan to elucidate the specific purpose of Gregor Samsa’s metamorphosis. The Metamorphosis by Frank Kafka strangely opens with a climax of the protagonist named Gregor who suddenly transformed into a verminous creature during his swoon. Many readers cannot help but wonder what this metamorphosis serves in Gregor’s life- a life that constitutes of hardships, adversity and misfortunes from all aspects. As an indebted child to his family, Gregor inherits all the responsibilities from his father, mother and sister. He works as a traveler who travels day in and day out yet that is not merely enough exhaustion. He also has to deal with a very tough boss who exasperates him day in and day out. After dissecting the novel, I have come up with several possible interpretations of Gregor’s metamorphosis. Perhaps Gregor undergoes such a shocking change to acquire something he has never endowed before, his freedom just like many of us. We live to seek what our hearts desire, what our life’s drives motives and seek ourselves. What Gregor has desired after years of hardship is freedom: freedom from his history, his work and himself.

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What is the purpose of Gregor’s metamorphosis?

        Change is a constant occurrence that we experience in our lives. It can either have positive or negative consequences depending on the situation. Furthermore, all changes happen for a reason. In reference of a myth about Apollo and Daphne, as the Lord of Delphi attempted to capture her, Daphne was transformed into a tree giving her adequate freedom that she wishes for. As once can see, this consequence is a positive transformation that liberated Daphne from the Lord’s captivity. In Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, Sam Gregor encounters a metamorphosis during his swoon and transforms into a cockroach in a blink of an eye. However, one cannot help by wonder why Gregor has undergone a shocking change and what possible intention could it serve in his life? Upon analysis, Gregor’s metamorphosis is a positive consequence that bestows Gregor the freedom from his family, his work and most importantly, freedom as an individual.

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        To start, Gregor’s family places an important role in Gregor’s transformation. Throughout Gregor’s life, family always has been a burden on his shoulder and Gregor feels likewise. Being the only source of income, Gregor is the main support of his family. When Gregor wakes up and finds himself lacking the ability to work, he first ponders about how he will be able to support his parents and a younger sister, Grete. He frequently motivates himself with the thought that “there’s still hope; once I’ve saved enough money to pay back my parents’ debt to him- that should take another five ...

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