Words are everywhere. They appear in books, magazines, newspapers, the Internet, blogs, bulletein boards, and even on the back of a cereal box. We read something and it either pulls us in or repulses us. We use words as a way to connect with others because they enable us to express our emotions and opinions and create a whole new world for us to experience; we rely on words to not only communicate but to expand our knowledge of the things we know and do not know. What motivates me to read?

        Every once in a while, I find myself browsing for a book, news article, magazine or a blog. I get hooked when I read something that I am able to relate to. The fact that I can connect with a random character or a complete stranger enchants me and allows me to relate and understand them without knowing them personally. It's fasinating how while reading Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison, I am able to put myself in the place of the nameless narrator and use my imagination to visualize all the events happening to me and not the narrator. Through the text, I am able to live in a completely different world that I would never have the chance to experience in real life and I love being able to experience new things.

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        Another reason why reading is important to me is that whenever I read, I learn something; it can be a simple fact about food or a complete timeline of a battle. Reading John Steinbeck's novel, Grapes of Wrath, teaches me about some basic history of the Great Depression and  makes me sympathic towards the Dust Bowl farmers who undergo various hardships as they journey to California to seek a better lifestyle. Steinbeck wants to inform readers about social differences and the importance of working together to overcome problems.  While reading this novel, I am able to learn about the personal ...

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