Written Task: Media's Manipulation - Misled Mayan Prophecy to Mass in Mayhem

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A couple of days ago on 21/12/12, I wouldn't have dared to post this blog. Everyone was in a frenzy about how the world is going to end and whether they should just pack up to leave Earth or jump off a skyscraper. No one would be in state of such haphazardness but for exposure to the sole culprit of all "breaking news" - the media.

Let's take a brief backward stroll into the timeline. First came the print media when people got access to international news worldwide through newspapers. Then, appeared the television through which they could watch live shows and news. Finally, the arrival of the Internet sped up this communication process to even greater heights.

However, the entire purpose of the media seems to have changed a long time ago. News articles are more stories now, thus, the word, 'news-stories,' rather than sources of information. Tom Brokaw quotes: "It's all storytelling, you know. That's what journalism is all about." News are made juicy and extraordinary by any means; doesn't matter if they are true or false.

Take the case of this Mayan Prophecy. Few people even knew who the Mayans were or what the Prophecy was all about. The media changed everything, even converting 'prophecy' to a more fear-striking 'apocalypse.' The media, with its long history of supplying the truth to civilization, has now gained enough trust to trick these people, triggering fear and anxiety within them. IT'S ALL JUST LIES, RUMORS AND EXAGGERATION!

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Just a few days ago, humongous masses have queued in front of newspaper stands to catch a glimpse of the Myanmar Times or the Modern Journal. They all expected the same "The World is Ending," "Almighty Lord! Save Us," and so on. Every news headline or article are identical twins, maybe, with a mere difference in font. So, it turns out the print media is still popular and guess what? Every living soul still believes it's reliable! Every piece of news the press delivers us, whether it's a world-size asteroid or 'Adolf Hitler still lives,' has never turned out true? Has ...

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