Zoos Are Animal Prisons That Violate Animal Ethics. The main motive of a proprietor in building a zoo is to establish a business that would generate him money. Unfortunately, this business involves the exploitation of animals.

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Zoos Are Animal Prisons That Violate Animal Ethics

When I was in first grade, my favorite pastime was watching animal-themed shows on Discovery Channel because of my curiosity in animal behavior and lifestyle. I absolutely enjoyed observing and analyzing animal movement, whether it may be the furtive crawl of a snake that is eyeing on a prey or the fleet sprint of a tiger that is pursuing an antelope. I was deeply fascinated with animal motion; I even memorized the maximum speeds of the fastest land animals. Whenever I saw rhinoceroses, giraffes and hippopotamuses on television, I felt I was only a meter away from them. I really hankered to be able to encounter these animals personally. For plenty of months, I tirelessly persuaded my dad into bringing me to a zoo; he finally made my desire a reality during my seventh birthday. The two of us underwent a dragging journey from Manila to the Tagaytay Highlands Zoo. My excitement escalated with every passing minute while I was confined in the passenger seat. Because I was still puerile, I easily became peevish during that lengthy drive. To say the least, a few hours of being restrained in the car seat proved to be uncomfortably vexatious. Finally, we then arrived at our destination. I thrillingly stepped foot on zoo premises for the first time in my life. Unfortunately, within the first minute of my ingress inside the zoo, my grand expectations were immediately crushed when my eye caught two gloomily sober monkeys inside a cramped cage. Neither of them was dangling on the tree which was conveniently located in the center of their territory; instead, they just steadily stared at me like stoned statues mounted on soil. I explored the zoo further in an attempt to alter my initial impression of it but all I saw were animals that appeared to be half-dead. The lions, alligators and snakes did not possess the vigorousness I saw in them on television. On the way back to Manila, I again felt comfortlessly restricted in my seat, probably because the seatbelt was strapped on me too tight. When I was about to become irritated with my situation of confinement, the severe confinement zoo animals suffer from entered my mind. I realized that the restriction I was experiencing was but a pinch of the stricture zoo animals experience in a single day. Since that fateful day, my perception of zoos drastically changed. Up until now, I firmly view zoos as prisons which are cunningly masqueraded to appear as parks for learning and family leisure. A zoo is but a penitentiary, except a zoo holds prisoners that have committed no crime at all. The main motive of a proprietor in building a zoo is to establish a business that would generate him money. Unfortunately, this business involves the exploitation of animals. Certainly, the knowledge and entertainment humans derive from zoos become negligible when the inevitable wretchedness caged animals endure is put into consideration. Zoos must be abolished because they indirectly promote the allowance of maltreatment toward animals. Furthermore, zoos clearly violate the ethics of morality. However, the breach zoos commit will never be apparent if one believes the inapplicability of ethicality in animals.

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        Humans are so accustomed in regarding animals as creatures capable of consciousness and awareness that many will be surprised to learn that almost everyone, if not all, verily think otherwise. The notion that animals are merely trivial organisms purposelessly roaming on earth is already stuck in man’s mind. Man’s irrational contempt toward animals was put to articulation in the seventeenth century when the famous and philosopher, Rene Descartes, inconsiderately described all animals as “thoughtless brutes” (Regan 3). Descartes’ proclamation is purely grounded on his hugely prejudiced observations of animal behavior. His allegation lost more credibility in the letter he wrote ...

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