Year 12 Mathematics Standard Level

Mr. A. Mumm

Medora Choi

8th March, 2010

Mathematics SL Portfolio: Type II

China’s Population Growth

        Mathematics is a study of the concepts of quantity, structure, space and change. It is a type of science that draws conclusions and connections to the world around us. Mathematicians would call math a science of patterns and these patterns are discovered in numbers, space, science, computers, imaginary abstractions, and everywhere else. Mathematics is also found in numerous natural phenomena’s that occurs around us. Today math is used all around us and is applied to many educational fields, through this people have become inspired to discover and make use of their mathematical knowledge which will then lead to entirely new disciplines. Math is present in wherever there are difficult problems that involve quantity, structure, space or change; such problems appear in various forms such as commerce, land measurement and especially astronomy.

The purpose of this paper is to examine the different functions and investigate the best model for the population of China from 1950 to 1995. The following table shows the population in million of China during the year of 1950 to 1995:

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        In order to plot a better understandable graph, I changed the number of years to intervals of five. That way, the graph will make more mathematical sense and show a more obvious trend. For this investigation, I use the software GeoGebra to plot all my graphs because it is high definition and clear, which shows the trend easily.

The above graph is all the plotted data points given of the growth population of China. As seen on the graph, there is a possibility of a linear trend because it has a general rising slope. But this slope ...

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