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Infinite Surds

Germaine An

A surd is a sum with one or more irrational number expressed with a radical sign as addends. Examples are 1+√3, √2+√3, and √(1+√(1+√1)). Therefore, an infinite surd has an infinite number of such addends. An example is in the diagram.

The following expression is an example of an infinite surd.


Consider this surd as a sequence of terms an where:





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According to the result, you can aware that a2 =  

Then analyzing the formula, an+1 =  

On the graph, it represents that at the point of the beginning it raises rapidly as acceleration. However, after that, an-an+1 value has been had no huge change which means that difference is close to 0.



Here is a proved formula




Use quadratic equation


 a= = 1.618033989 or -0.6180339887

However, the root cannot be ...

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