The purpose of this investigation is to explore the various properties and concepts of matrix cryptography.

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Matrix Cryptography

Topic:                 Working with Linear Equations and Matrices

Subtopics:         3.3  Matrices

                3.4  The Inverse of a Matrix

A completed investigation should include:

  • an introduction that outlines the problem to be explored, including its significance, its features, and the context
  • the method required to find a solution, in terms of the mathematical model or strategy to be used
  • the appropriate application of the mathematical model or strategy, including
  • the generation or collection of relevant data and/or information, with details of the process of collection
  • mathematical calculations and results, and appropriate representations
  • the analysis and interpretation of results
  • reference to the limitations of the original problem
  • a statement of the results and conclusions in the context of the original problem
  • appendices and a bibliography, as appropriate.

Performance Standards for Stage 2 Mathematical Studies

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Many communications that are transmitted between and within countries need to be secure. Coding the messages can provide that security. One method of encoding involves using an alpha numeric code that is then encrypted by matrix multiplication. To decode the message the recipient needs to be sent separately the message and the decoding technique.

A simple alpha numeric code is one where A = 1, B = 2 etc and a ‘space’ = 0

Mathematical Procedures, Discussion and Analysis

  • Write a message of at least 12 characters.
  • Develop a coding technique that involves ...

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