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International Baccalaureate: Misc

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  1. Comparing and Contrasting Envy and Deception in Shakespeares Much Ado About Nothing and Othello

    The enviousness of Don John can possibly be seen with Iago in Othello for he has a hatred of Othello that remains unexplained till the very end of the play. One argument that supports the theory that Iago is jealous of Othello is perhaps the fact that the "valiant" Othello has garnered such unearned respect. If we look at Act Two Scene One when Othello has been sent to Cyprus to battle the Turks, we learn from Cassio that the Turks have possibly drowned in a storm thus meaning that they were not defeated at the hands of the Venetians.

    • Word count: 3814
  2. Clinic

    • Word count: 1885
  3. Past, Current And Emerging Technologies

    Data projectors have revolutionized the way presentations are shown as they are very portable, can be used on any clear surfaces and are very interactive, providing a lot of possibilities. A liquid crystal display (LCD) is a thin, flat display device made up of many pixels aligned in front of a light source. It uses a little amount of electrical power; therefore it is used in many small devices. STORAGE A floppy disk is a small, portable plastic disk coated in a magnetic substance used for storing computer data; it is readable by a computer with a floppy disk drive.

    • Word count: 730
  4. Platos and Aristotles Influence on Christianity

    People have made the world imperfect. This thought is very similar to the Christian way of thinking - God made Paradise which was perfect but made humans live in an imperfect world. Still, if God created the world, he has to be external. In this case, one might say that there is no necessity for a God. Laplace has said: "If God is out of the world of human experience, then he might as well not exist at all." We have no reason to believe in God when we will never have any evidence to support that claim.

    • Word count: 1034
  5. Proyecto Personal - Anorexia y Bulimia

    Generalmente las personas piensan en mujeres cuando se habla de anorexia y bulimia, sin embargo, el porcentaje de hombres que padecen de estas enfermedades ha ido incrementando hasta un 10%. La anorexia es un trastorno psicol�gico, caracterizado por la p�rdida de apetito, para poder perder peso r�pidamente, impidiendo la ingesta de alimentos. Las personas que tienen anorexia nerviosa tienen una imagen distorsionada de su cuerpo, pues se ven gordos a pesar de que est�n extremadamente delgados, y tienen un miedo intenso a subir de peso.

    • Word count: 2075
  6. Kill Bill Mixed-Genre Film

    In terms of narrative structure, Kiddo follows the profile of the "lone samurai". Who in many classic Japanese movies such as "Long Wolf and Cub" is described to be a character on a mission for vengeance, which in her case, is very similar to her journey. Many classic Japanese movies also contain this story of "endless adventure" where the filmmakers produce a long-lived series starring a main character who is so skilled with her weapon (katana) he/she is virtually invincible (relating to the Hardbody genre).

    • Word count: 1196
  7. IASAS Dance Critique

    The video in the introduction was something new and caught everyone's attention, or the lighting making it seem as though the dance was underwater made the audience gaze in awe. I really liked how the dancers on the video would interact or interconnect with the dancers live on stage, how when one dancer exited from the stage, they would be on the screen, or when a pushing motion occurred in the screen, the dancers on stage would react to it. I was also amazed at how dance, a completely different art to anime could be so well connected and represented.

    • Word count: 639
  8. Romeo and juliet Music Literature Analysis

    Tchaikovsky begins the overture with the slow violin and gradually builds up the emotions and actions of R&J. He clusters instrument sounds to implement the intensity of the first scene of the play. The beginning of the play starts off with Gregory and Sampson provoking Abraham and Benvolio into a fight. Then, the overture and play continues with the quick beat pace of instruments resembling the start of the first Montague and Capulet brawl.

    • Word count: 416
  9. SWA lord of the flies

    We tried to act like the grown-ups, in a civilized way and we tried to work together. I was their boss, the one in charge of guiding them and we had everything in order; everything was going well until that beastie creature came along. The beast took control over our bodies and minds and made us act in such a savage way that we ended up like this. I feel ashamed of us but it was not our fault. How could I have not seen what was going to happen? We should have hunted down that creature when we saw it on the mountain but we got so frightened.

    • Word count: 632
  10. Oral Sur La Maternite

    avaient transforme ma m�re "...mais ce bonheur fut de courte durais, Abena fut pendu...La r�p�titions a la page 20-21 " On pendit ma m�re " d�montre le chagrin que tituba ressent a la perte de sa m�re. Nous voyons, plus loin dans le livre, les vrai sentiments d'Abena envers sa fille, � la page 52 " Vent et effronterie ! Ce negre n'est que vent et effronterie ! " Qui montre qu'elle ne veut pas que sa fille s'en voit en l'air avec John Indien.

    • Word count: 3508
  11. Internet and computer safety

    Also checking the web history that your child has just been using will help. Finally, if you become aware of the language that is used by children over the net with lots of abbreviations for example LOL (laughing out loud), or in fact POS (parents over shoulder) is one that is sometimes used which you could become familiar with for your child's safety. 2. Find a news item of a child being targeted by an online predator. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/wales/8491371.stm (i) Do a presentation of the issue, explaining an appropriate social and/or ethical issue related to the IT system used.

    • Word count: 1148
  12. Communicating with children

    He has speech problems comparing his age. I used puppets with him, because puppets help children talk and listen. Also, puppets help children because children who are not comfortable talking in front of others can use the puppet to talk for them. I played with him by using telephone toy too. This encourages him to speak and talk. He says "Hello", "bye mummy". Therefore this is the beginning of having real conversations as he grows older. Also I tried to include him when the other children are playing role-play. Role-play enables children to practice their communication and language skills and during the role play, sometimes I also joined in to extend learning.

    • Word count: 3432
  13. Infant feeding

    Don't touch your areola (the dark skin around your nipple). This is where your baby's lips will be. Then touch the baby's lips with your nipple until your baby opens his or her mouth very wide. Put your nipple all the way in your baby's mouth and pull your baby's body close to you. This lets your baby's jaw squeeze the milk ducts under your areola. When your baby is "latched on" the right way, both lips should pout out (not be pulled in over his or her gums) and cover nearly all of the areola. Instead of smacking noises, your baby will make low-pitched swallowing noises.

    • Word count: 7209
  14. French Wine

    Wine Drinking in moderation La Sant� - All the essential vitamins are found in a glass of wine. - Consumption of wine today is increasingly defined as occasional. - This has been accompanied by a growing concern for dietetics, good health and lifestyles which have had an impact on the wine consumption. - n a observ� depuis longtemps que nous avons, enFrance, moins de maladies cardio-vasculaires que dans d'autres pays malgr� une alimentation qui n'est pas toujours meilleure. C'est ce que l'on a appel� le paradoxe fran�ais.

    • Word count: 1666
  15. Aurora Leigh and The Odyssey

    All the women he conquers make the hero, pushing him to his greatest potential. They instil in him courage, ambition and humility, and are thus integral Odysseus very being a hero. The Greek ideal of the hero therefore bases itself on dominion over the female sex. Telemachus follows this path also, for no hero he would be if he had not established social order at home with his mother, nor hanged the treacherous maids. Elizabeth Barrett Browning shows women as able in their own right however.

    • Word count: 887
  16. At tonights seminar we had the chance to meet Ed and Anthony who are attorneys. Anthony really helped me discover that the medical field is a career choice where mistakes can be made very easily and every little action taken is important. Even though h

    Also, it is hard for the lawyers because it is their job to prove to the jury and judge that the medical worker is innocent, and figure out how to show evidence to make his point. I learned that people sue workers for the most ridiculous things, but it is our duty to do our best and defend ourselves and be as safe as we can to not make any mistakes as we work.

    • Word count: 491
  17. Can taking life be justified?

    Chase: "What and go to jail for the rest of my life? What's just about that?...... I did the right thing! There has to be another way! " The Priest: "you want absolution I have told you how to get it." This issue is an important one; since man has existed we have fought and killed one another for various reasons. But only recently have we started to question war, previously battle was seen as a glorious noble thing, but World War One and Two enlightened us to just how tragic war can be.

    • Word count: 1452
  18. Racial discrimination: A barrier in African Americans educational achievements, its not really surprising after reading the article More African American male are in jail rather than colleges. African Americans are still facing inequalities in

    Through this essay, I am going to investigate the study that talks support arguments about racial discrimination in education sector. Racism has existed in America since the country's inception. The racial achievement gap in American education is often viewed as a product of this history of racism in conjunction with modern manifestations of prejudice and discrimination. These larger structural and social issues, such as racism and socioeconomic disparities, are often displaced onto individuals: "African American students lack the motivation to achieve academically."

    • Word count: 620
  19. Espanol, El Internet

    Muchas personas dicen que el internet es la invenci�n mejor. En este articulo, yo voy a hablar sobre el internet y como lo ayuda las gentes. Tambi�n, yo voy a hablar sobre los negativos del internet.

    • Word count: 183
  20. World Lit. 2- Symbolism of the Town Square in Chronicle of a Death Foretold

    When the town square is first introduced in the novella, the layout of the square is also mentioned. Marquez writes about Santiago's house being located on one side of the square, and the house's "Fatal Door" that Santiago went out of "to receive the Bishop" (Marquez 12). In the Latino culture, Catholicism teaches forgiveness, acceptance, and love. Ergo, a strong religious leader teaches the society this behavior and guides the community to live by such ideals. Ironically, the Bishop in Marquez's novella exhibits great apathy toward his people, but for some reason, that remains unmentioned through out the novella.

    • Word count: 1379
  21. Madame Bovary Comparison Paper (title too long)

    She has an overly romanticized view of the world and craves beauty, wealth, and the sophistication that comes along with it. It is the ideas of these romantic ideals and the realities of her country life that drive her into two extramarital love affairs, and cause her to amass an incredible amount of debt that eventually leads to her suicide. "By order of the king, law, and justice, to Madame Bovary." Then, skipping several lines, she read, "Within twenty-four hours, without fail-" But what?

    • Word count: 1043
  22. Yellow Raft in Blue Water Analysis

    From the point when she took Christine, Ida never grasps who she is and who she wants to become because she doesn't have the opportunity. Because Ida suffers the responsibility of teenage motherhood, she can never live her life the way she expected to. Willard Pretty Dog symbolizes the distinction between how Ida could have lived her life and how Ida does live her life. Willard's appearance in Ida's past as her teenage desire and her dreams to make Willard her lover exemplifies how Ida could have carried out her life knowing who she is and what she wants.

    • Word count: 942
  23. Drugs should not be legal

    On ?September 5, 1989, President Bush called upon the United States to join in an ?all-out fight against drugs. The United States Congress reports an estimated 25 ?to 30 million addicts of illegal drugs worldwide. Not all users are addicts, but ?some of the 26 million regular users of illegal drugs in the United States are ?addicted. Reports of child abuse to New York social services tripled between ?1986 and 1988 and most of the cases involved drug abuse. Approximately 35 ?percent of the inmates of state prison were under the influence of illegal drugs ?at the time they committed the crimes for which they are incarcerated.

    • Word count: 2000

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