Can taking life be justified?

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Can taking life be justified?

Stimulus: A scene from the television series House M.D.

(The scene takes place inside a confessional)

Chase: "Bless me father for I have sinned"

The Priest: "take your time...... How long has it been since you last confession?"

Chase: "I killed a man"

The Priest: "Oh!"

Chase: "it was the right thing to do"

The Priest: "Who lives or dies, is not you decision to make."

Chase: "Sometimes in an operating room it feels like it, I'm a Doctor."

The Priest: "Then you should know more than anybody that every human life is sacred."

Chase: "Why? Tell me what is sacred about a dictator that kills hundreds of thousands of his own people!"

The Priest: "What is sacred about a Doctor who kills a patient?"

Chase: "..... Is it just the slippery slope you are worried about? Afraid that forgiving me for killing the worst person on earth is such a bad president? I promise I won't tell anyone..... just forgive me"

The Priest: "Saying ten hail Marys isn't going to do you any good."

Chase: "Then what do I have to do? What does God need me to do?

The Priest: "You can't have absolution without first taking responsibility; you have to turn yourself in to the police."

Chase: "What and go to jail for the rest of my life? What's just about that?...... I did the right thing! There has to be another way! "

The Priest: "you want absolution I have told you how to get it."

This issue is an important one; since man has existed we have fought and killed one another for various reasons. But only recently have we started to question war, previously battle was seen as a glorious noble thing, but World War One and Two enlightened us to just how tragic war can be. This shift has caused many people to question the many other ways that man takes life, and whether taking life can be justified. People's views towards this effect many things and raise many questions, like can abortion be acceptable? Should capital punishment be allowed? Do we have the right to kill animals for food? I will try to come to a conclusion for each of these issues
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The reason this issue is such a problem is because no one knows what happens after death, obviously religious people would say that after you die your soul will either go to heaven or hell. For others it isn't that simple, atheists have no idea what death will be like, most believe that you will just cease to exist this is a hard concept to comprehend. For the sake of this essay I will use both theories while trying to justify taking life.

One of the ways in which the taking of life is allowed by society ...

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