Dutch politics. Political parties are aiming for the same goals. The people in it share the same thoughts. They usually dont aim for only one goal, but they want to change more.

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Dutch politics; 3 political parties

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  • Introduction
  • PvdA
    - Immigration/Integration
    - Environment
    - Economy
  • Christen Unie
    - Immigration/Integration
    - Environment
    - Economy
  • Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie
    - Immigration/Integration
    - Environment
    - Economy
  • Conclusion
  • Sources list


Political parties are aiming for the same goals. The people in it share the same thoughts. They usually don’t aim for only one goal, but they want to change more. There are different types of political parties. In the Netherlands there are different political views. You have left and right parties, their ideas differences a lot. The left parties fight for the weak people in the community. They want that the government takes them into account on certain areas. The right parties want that the government leave the people alone. They want a free nation. They think that the government shouldn’t get involved with everything. There are also parties who are in the politics middle, but they can choose for each topic on which side they are. Anyway they will lean slightly left or right. There are different political parties. You have the socialism, communism, liberalism and conservatives. The socialists stand for poorer workers, equality and rights for women. The communists also stands for equality and classless society. The liberalists stands for freedom, but not equality. They think that the government is not responsible for the poorer and ever one is for them self. The conservatives want to keep everything like it use to be. They want that there would be reigns as God wants.

Partij van de Arbeid

The Partij van de Arbeid is a social democratic party. So they are a left party. The most important principles are that they aim for equality, sharing powers, incomes and a better development.


The PvdA is into receiving refugees, but they don’t want too many foreigners. Immigrants has to adjust themselves, but they have the right to entitle to their own culture. Integration is something that the citizens has to do by themselves. Everyone build on a future for everyone. If the immigrants come to the Netherlands they must keep to the laws and rules and they have to work. The people has to respect the traditions, customs and religions of other.

How the PvdA thinks about the immigration/integration of the Netherlands:

  • Everyone has to speak the language and know the way in the society. The level of the integration lessons they have to increase.
  • The power requirements for teachers also should be applied on the integration class.
  •  In the integration plan, they teach about the rights, but especially about the non-discrimination rights.
  • People has to learn to live together, because that won’t happen by itself. People has to accept each other however they are. There is no other option. We have to respect the origin, ethnicity, culture and religion of each other. Because of the differences  there are collisions about values.  
  • Marriage immigration appears to be too often an obstacle for immigration. The Netherlands has the requirement that the partner in the Netherlands is able to care for itself.
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The PvdA is for sustainability, because the prosperity of the Netherlands is more important than anything. In 2020 they want the most cleanest environment of Europe. They want to use 30 % less electricity. They also wants that our country is less dependent from abroad. It’s a great way to save the future from their CO
² -poor economy.

How the PvdA thinks about the environment of the Netherlands:

  • They want to sustainable energy facilities rapidly. They want to replace grants by  make it mandatory that producents of energy has a share of green electricity.
  • The PvdA requires energy ...

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