There is no way to describe the Personal Project better than to say it is a one in a lifetime experience to mark self growth and personal development with a tangible piece of evidence that displays devotion and the MYP student’s ardor for exploration of the unknown.  For me it was just that. I carefully contemplated the subject for my project.  I decided that my high school career was coming to a close faster than I thought and I wanted to see if my path for adulthood was the right one for me.  After college, I aspire to be an editor for a magazine and there is not a more perfectly suited opportunity to test this than my Personal Project.  I also wanted to integrate my future plans into my everyday life and my interests now; my present hobby and a substantial part of my life is swimming.  So I used Approaches to Learning to create a magazine for a teenage swimmer.  It would include three main content sections: stroke and technique, health and nutrition, and recent events in swimming.  Of course there would be smaller subsections such as top times and releases of new innovative products too.

        Approaches to Learning was an important Area of Interaction for me.  I learned organizational skills and developed other necessary skills for completion.  I hoped to learn to efficiently manage my time and through the Personal Project I learned that I often underestimate my capabilities.

        I appreciate my growth in the Homo Faber Area of Interaction because through creation, I improved my attitude towards life.  I learned to connect different aspects of my life (such as the present and future, hobby and career, etc.).  I challenged myself in creation of a magazine and used processes and became efficient in using the creative processes to compete against myself and be the best I can be.

        Lastly I utilized Health and Social Education to explore nutrition and wellness.  I want to endorse a healthy lifestyle, one I have failed to achieve.  Through my Personal Project I hope to correct my wrongs, and to help others from making the same mistakes.  Also, athletics is more than ability, but proper personal upkeep.  I want my magazine to have a focus on that.

        So, using the MYP Areas of Interaction, and my commitment to achievement, my greatest goal is completion with the most gain attainable.



Receiving the Personal Project, I felt inundated with work, but as I developed a plan and immersed myself into it, my interest drove and devoted me through one of the most invigorating experiences.  Being always academically oriented, I wanted to put forth maximum effort and completely commit to the task.  On top of my regular classes, it seemed stressful and nearly impossible.  What I failed to recognize is that this opened up doors and opportunities that my ordinary classes cannot provide.  Through my initial reaction, I learned how I handle situations by often underestimating myself and making rash judgments too quickly.  To overcome this and select a topic was probably the most difficult phase.

        Identifying an interest for me to expand upon consumed much of my time.  In fact, I can definitely count this process as part of the Personal Project itself.  Therefore, I cannot say that this was not time wasted.  I incorporate many Areas of Interaction into my life already, so this did not present a problem.  Instead, it was selecting from my wide range of ideas and passions to develop into a study to last me a year.  My personality requires straightforward answers and guidelines to rigidly follow.  So, it comes to no surprise that with unlimited freedom in selection, that this would be my major obstacle and it would take perseverance and focus to overcome this snag.  The flexibility is not something I am accustomed to.  In my everyday MYP classes, the instructors present a theme to follow along with a rubric.  The deviation from the norm gave me an unnecessary sensation of fear, and I became more stressed as it pervaded my mind.  As a deadline for a general idea drew near, I felt more clueless than ever.  I went through an intricate process of elimination, taking all of my daily activities and interests into consideration, and ruling out all of the impossibilities.  I wanted to utilize something that was a large part of my life but still pushed me to have a new experience.  I desired to morph one of my rituals and daily occurrences, let it spark my creativity, and then let it blossom into a project that cannot only enrich my life, but possibly as well as others.   Above all, I yearned to slowly unveil parts and traits of me that I did not yet know existed.  Being part of rigorous International Baccalaureate, I am fascinated by ways that I can use my characteristics to produce success; also, to improve upon these and to uncover my strengths and weaknesses.  While I am relatively young, and the development of my personality is coming to a close, I want to seize the moment and identify my strengths and fortify them.  In addition, control my weaknesses to a point where I can correct them.  So for me, this Personal Project was more than just tangible output, it was a matter of self discovery.  My first idea for a topic involved my love for the fashion industry.  I aspire to be and editor of a periodical so this would use one of my hobbies to lead me into tasting what I will go through in the career world.  However, I wanted to do more than learn.  I was longing to create.  However this soon fell through.  I was planning to take on more than I could handle.  Having absolutely no background of sewing, I would be fabricating clothing with no basis of knowledge for actual production.  To take this on would be a challenge that I foolishly thought I can handle.  To take this on would entail not only designing creations, but attending sewing classes and acquiring machinery and materials.  This would be quite an investment of time and money that I do not have enough of either to spend.  No amount of management could facilitate this and I have inadequate finances to actualize efficient equipment or availability to borrow it.  Also, I am involved in athletics six days a week so the amount of classes to become skilled in sewing would be impossible to fit into my time schedule.  Sewing is a lifestyle, a practice acquired and perfected over years of time.  I hastily chose this without realizing the ability required.

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        I proceeded to select something in the same range of interest, but not entailing as much to handle.  Still hoping to create a project in the fashion industry, I decided on merely just creating a portfolio of designs I wish to create.  After my sketches I would finalize them with a detailed drawing complete with colors.  I would put the designs in a giant book resembling a scrapbook.  Along with that I would find fabrics to go along with each article of clothing.  Instead of creating the clothes, I would be gathering samples of materials.  This seemed like fun to ...

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