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International Baccalaureate: Physics

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  • Marked by Teachers essays 2
  1. Aim a) To verify that the pressure of a gas varies linearly with its temperature (expressed in degrees Celsius) when the volume of the gas is kept constant. b) To make an estimate in degree Celsius of absolute zero.

    As more force on the area,the pressure increase. According to the Pressure law,for constant volume and mass of a gas,the pressure exerted on the side of the container is directly proportional to the absolute temperature(in Kelvin) of the gas.Thus, the temperature would reach absolute zero as pressure become zero. We can determine absolute zero by extrapolating the pressure vs. temperature graph to zero pressure. Variable Variable Method of measuring Independent Variable Temperature We determine the temperature of the gas by measuring the temperature of the water.

    • Word count: 739
  2. Bifilar Suspension - the technique will be applied to find the mass moment of inertia of a regular cross-section steel beam about its centre of gravity.

    Dependent variables: The time taken for 10 oscillations by the scale which was measured using a digital stop watch. Controlled variables: The controlled variables are as follows: * The mean position of the scale placed on the top: 50cm * The mean position of the scale placed below: 25cm * Number of strings used: 2 strings * Length of each string: 16.5cm. * Distance between the two ends of the scale placed above: 90cm DIAGRAM: APPARATUS: S.no Material Type Range Quantity Least count Uncertainity 1 Ruler - 1 cm – 100 cm 1 0.1cm ± 0.05 cm 2 Thread - - - - - 3 Clamp stand - - 2 - - 4 Stop watch Digital - 1 0.01

    • Word count: 1213
  3. Investigating optical properties of Jelly.

    Hence, the research question that this experiment aims to answer is ?What is the relationship between the temperature and the refractive index of Jelly?? To form the Jelly, a sachet of ready-to-make strawberry Jelly was used and all instructions on the packet were followed to obtain a well-made Jelly. An electronic water bath was used to keep the jellies at different temperatures. As the Jelly is heated, the water in it would expand and thus, it was hypothesized that higher the temperature, lower would be the optical density of the Jelly and hence, smaller the angle of refraction and the refractive index.

    • Word count: 1307
  4. Determining the diameter of a piece of Nichrome wire by determining its resistivity

    and formula #2 into formula #1, the following equation can be obtained: This equation can graphically represented by l on the y-axis and R on the x-axis. The gradient would then give the value for which could then be manipulated to extract the value of d. VARIABLES: Independent Variables: 1. Length of the wire used. (l) Dependent Variables: 1. Resistance of the circuit. (â¦) Controlled Variables: 1. Voltage of the circuit. (V) – The same power source was used for all trials of the experiment.

    • Word count: 1308
  5. AIM: To determine the acceleration due to gravity on Earth using the drop ball technique.

    where S = distance travelled, u = initial speed, t = time and a = acceleration. For this experiment, the above equation modifies to. This is because the distance travelled is equal to the height from which the metal bob is dropped, initial velocity (u) is 0 and acceleration is equal to the acceleration due to gravity (g). VARIABLES: Independent Variables: 1. The height from which the ball was dropped. Dependent Variables: 1. The time taken for the ball to drop Controlled Variables: 1. Metal Bob ? The same metal bob was used for all trials at all heights. 2.

    • Word count: 1269
  6. Light Intensity Investigation

    Due to this, increasing distance ultimately decreases the illuminance (how much light from a source hits a specific object) and thus, the light intensity. VARIABLES The independent variable (the variable being changed): The independent variable is going to be the distance between the light sensor and the light source (cm) with measurements varying from 10cm-100cm and increasing at 10cm increments. We will do this in order to see the effects varying distance has on light intensity. The variable will be altered by increasing the distance between the two objects by 10cm (interval length) for each set of trials. We will measure and change this gap by using a metre ruler to determine the exact distance and then we will place the light source at one end and the sensor at the determined mark on the ruler.

    • Word count: 2990

"The boldness of asking deep questions may require unforeseen flexibility if we are to accept the answers."

-Brian Greene

If you want to learn about the physical laws that govern the behaviour of everything in the universe, then chances are you'd enjoy studying physics as part of your IB diploma. Physics is one of six subjects on offer in group 4, and gives students a grounding in the scientific method, lab work, and range of theoretical concepts. The theory portion begins with building blocks like mechanics, electric currents, and waves, and builds up to advanced topics like astrophysics and particle physics.

Physics will require a fair amount of writing, often in the form of lab reports. If you need to refine your writing skills, come visit our collection of student-submitted IB physics papers. Study the teacher-marked and peer-reviewed papers alongside your own work, and before long, you'll know how to edit and re-write assignments to your teachers' high standards.

Students who get good marks in physics, and especially in high level physics, will leave school well positioned to apply for a range of university course within the physical and biological sciences.


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