An investigation into the relationship between distance and sound

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Ankit Shahi                September 24 2009

The aim of the experiment is to find the relationship between the distance and the sound, produced between an elastic band and a wall. The will be done by pulling back an elastic band at a different distance each time and shooting it at the wall and then recording the sound it produced using a speed level meter.

Pulling back an elastic band with an increasing distance each time and then shooting it at the wall will result in increasing speed in which the elastic band would go. This would mean that the kinetic energy would increase too because the theory of the kinetic energy states that the kinetic energy is proportional to the speed squared. But as the elastic band hits the wall all the kinetic energy gets lost either in the form of heat or sound. So, the more kinetic energy there is the more sound would occur. Thus, it can be predicted that as distance increases the kinetic energy increases.

In this lab the manipulated variable would be the distance of the elastic band that is pulled. The speed and time would also be the manipulated variables. The responding variable would be the sound intensity produced by the elastic band. The controlling variables would be the position of the apparatus, distance of the wall from the elastic band, same apparatus used and finally the type and surface of the wall.

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To control the variables, the positions of the apparatus should stay the same such as the speed level meter, the elastic band and the wall etc. the distance of the elastic band should be kept 12 cm away from the wall and same apparatus should be used. This could be done by using the materials from the same brand. The wall should be solid surface of the wall should have no holes so that there would be no difficulties for the sound level meter to get sound intensity.

The materials that would be required for the experiment ...

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