IB Investigating Specific Latent Heat of Vaporization of Water

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Investigating Specific Latent Heat of Vaporization of Water

Research Question

Investigating specific latent heat of vaporization of water.


Controlled Variables

Power of the kettle: 1000W

Intervals of the recording mass: 15s

Mass of the water boiled

Table 1: Mass of water evaporated over time


Uncertainty in measuring time was ±0.01s according to the stopwatch but while measuring mass you have to first look at the time in stopwatch and then the mass in the electronic balance and  because humans cannot react instantly it is estimated to be ±1s.

Uncertainty in measuring mass of the water was ±0.1g because it was measured using a weighing machine with the ±0.1g uncertainty.

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Table 2: Mass of water evaporate over time with uncertainties

(Average of mass of water Evaporated) = (Trial 1 + 2 +3+4+5)/5

= (4.7+4.8+5.2+5.0+5.4)/5

= 4.9 g

(Uncertainty in mass of water Evaporated)         

= ((Max Value)-(Min Value))/2

= (5.4-4.7)/2

= 0.4 g

Variables on the graph

The formula given was


                                Q = mL

If we divide both sides by t (time)





From the data processed above a graph of mass of water evaporated vs. time can be plotted whose slope will give



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