Investigating maximum braking conditions in a bicycle

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Investigation- maximum braking


Many measures have been taken by the companies to increase the safety level of cycles. Investigating as the factors would require further studies. However, one of the important factors is the brake. Modulation and braking efficiency have been taken into account by many companies.

Important factors to be considered are:

Weight distribution of the rider on bicycle (shift in the center of mass)

Weight and load transfer during braking

The friction acting on the bicycle’s tires

AIM: To investigate the effect of limitations on maximum braking on a free- ride bicycle.

RESEARCH QUESTION: what limitations affect the maximum braking in a free ride bike?

Considering the factors:

Static friction: The bike is subjected to static friction when it is rolling, the dynamic friction starts acting once the value exceeds the maximum static friction and the bikes starts to skid. This is a limitation for braking as it would be very difficult to balance.

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The following formula can be used to determine the maximum force of friction present:

Here,   is the coefficient of static friction,  is the normal force

On assuming that initially bicycle is on a flat ground, we know that the normal force in perpendicular therefore the sum of the frictional forces acting on the bicycle is:

Deceleration at which the bike will  tip over:

This is the time when the rear wheel lifts off the ground. This will be an important factor to consider since any value of deceleration higher than this will no longer be efficient braking leading ...

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