Projectiles Lab - From the experiment I conclude that indeed, the range of a projectile does depend on the angle at which it is projected. Moreover, up until around 40-50 degrees,

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Alexander Zouev

Physics IB, 3/09/06

Projectiles Lab

Data Collection

Distance rubber band pulled back each time: 20 cm

Note: all range distances achieved are given as where the rubber band made impact with the floor, NOT where it eventually came to a standstill.

Raw Data Tables + Collection

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Angle that yielded best results: 42º (393cm on average)

Data Processing + Presentation

        Using my results, notably the average distance achieved for the given angle projections, I created a graph from which we can deduce the angle of projection that will hive the largest range.

        On the following page you will find the graph of the data with the given errors and uncertainties taken into account.  On the graph I have plotted the different angles against the distances achieved at those angles by the rubber band

        By observing the graph, it is clear that there is an ...

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