Discuss how ethical considerations would be addressed before and during a psychological study

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Discuss how ethical considerations would be addressed before and during the study

Before the study, the researchers would have to obtain informed consent from the boys they wish to have participate in the study. They would do this by outlining to the boys what the research concerns and asking their permission to take part. The boys must be given information relating to the research’s purpose, the procedures that the research will involve, any foreseeable discomforts they might be subjected to and the length of time they’re expected to participate. This would be addressed by the researchers themselves talking to the boys directly explaining the study to them, or giving them a form with all the information on it that they would sign their consent on. Also, from the very start of the study, the participants must be aware of their right to withdraw from the study. This right would be held by the participating boys till the very end of the study, with any boy being able to pull the data he provided out of the results at any time. To address this issue, the boys would ideally be reminded at the beginning and end of each research method of their right to withdraw.

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During the study, the researchers must ensure that the boys taking part in the research will not be caused distress. Therefore it is important that the boys must not be embarrassed, frightened, offended or harmed in any way. Normally, the risk of harm must be no greater than in ordinary life, i.e.: the participants shouldn’t be exposed to risks greater than the ones they face already. This would be very simple to address in this study as the researchers would simply have to be careful in the way they interact with the boys to ensure that they do not do ...

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