Evaluate schema theories with referance to relevant research studies

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Evaluate schema theory, with reference to research studies

Schema are mental network of knowledge outline, centering on a specific theme, belief and expectations about particular aspect of the mind, which help us to organize our knowledge, but also organizes assumptions about things and are used for interpreting and processing information.

Schemata help understand how people categorize and interpret information but how memory can be distorted. Reconstructive memory is an explanation used to show how memory could be distorted through schemas but schemas are a quite vague theory as it is unknown how we acquired them, how schemas influence schema theory and it is therefore vague.

Bartlett’s research was mainly on reconstructive memory; his serial reproduction experiment revolved about a story which involved ghost, Indians and was mainly abstract for people who were not of this culture. He thought that western cultured people would not be able to read and remember a traditional American Indian story since they haven’t got a schema of it. A group of people was asked to read through the story twice and then from memory write it back down in a story form to test their recognition. They were not de-briefed and did not know the aim of this study, but a week later they were asked to come back and write down what they could remember of that story. With more time interval, the participants had to repeat this a few times and were then debriefed when the 6-7 times where finished.

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It was found that with more time passed, less the participants could remember about the story, which resulted in their story becoming shorter and shorter as time passed.  He also noticed that the stories became Anglo-sized, in area’s where the passage became abstract to their culture they replaced it with something they were assuming happened instead of the actually story it became more conventional since the experiences and traditions affected the details of the story. The participants were all men and the organization of the participants wasn’t always sync and on the right date. Bartlett gave very little specific instructions ...

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