Evaluate the multi store model of memory.

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Multi – Store Model of memory

1, Diagram of the multi – store model

Information lost through interference or retrieval failure






Short – term




Long Term


Information lost through decay or displacement

2, Outline the multi store model

The Multi – Store model explains how information flows from one storage system to another. This system works that you have three storage systems. See the diagram above. The model works that the sensory memory is the first part of your memory this is where the first information goes which is called sensory information if this information is not passed on to the short – term memory than it is forgotten. Once the information s given the big red light and moved onto the STM it is then rehearsed and is transferred to long-term memory. The greater the amount of STM rehearsal, the greater the likelihood it will transfer to LTM for long-term storage.

3, Give two criticism of the model. Remember to explain why each of these is a criticism.

The first criticism of the model is that the model sees memory as passive and limited by the amount of space available. Contemporary researchers like to see memory as an active process, limited by processing – how much time and attention is paid to sensory information. The above statement is not true because you can hold unlimited amount of information in the LTM and this information can be called back at any time, as it is needed.

The second criticism of the multi-store model is that KF suffered head injuries from a motorcycle accident. His STM was severely impaired but he showed LTM learning after his accident. This model suggests that the only way for information to get to the LTM is though STM, this cases proves that this is not always the case and that sometimes information goes straight to the LTM

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4, Describe one study that supports the multi-store model of memory. Be sure to explain why the study offers support.

One study that was carried out to prove that this model does in fact work was done by a man called Murdock. Murdock presented participants with a list of words they had to recall in any order. Items from beginning of a list of words are thought to have been retained in LTM (primacy effect). The last few items on a list of words are retrieved from STM (recency effect). Items in the middle of the list ( ...

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